Who Will Be Washington’s Starting Quarterback?

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The Washington Football Team has been having a very rough offseason. From their head coach getting skin cancer to the changing their team name to the Washington Football Team they really haven’t caught a break until recently. Of course I’m talking about Alex Smith’s return to the team. Although the return of Alex Smith is great it brings up one major question. Who will be the starting quarterback? Alex Smith, the experienced game manager, or Dwayne Haskins, the young talent with a lot of potential.

I’ll start by going over the benefits of starting Dwayne Haskins. Dwayne Haskins can be the future of the franchise as oppose to Alex Smith who is very close to retirement. Dwayne Haskins is less conservative then Alex Smith which can be seen as a curse and a blessing on most teams but Washington is a team that needs to take shots downfield due to the lack of offensive weapons. Unlike Patrick Mahomes or Colin Kaepernick, Dwayne Haskins might not be able to learn from Alex Smith while he’s on the bench. It would also be great for Dwayne Haskins to learn the Ron Rivera offense while he’s on the field instead of observing on the bench. Since the team has no hope of making it to the playoffs, Dwayne Haskins is a great option for the starting job.

There’s also a lot of upside to starting Alex Smith. We saw Patrick Mahomes learn a lot from sitting behind Alex Smith for a year. When Mahomes entered the league he had a lot of talent but he made terrible reads and horrible decisions. Alex Smith taught him how to be more conservative and became a huge reason Mahomes is such a good quarterback. Haskins may not have as much potential as Patrick Mahomes but we know Alex Smith can teach young quarterbacks without them playing a single NFL snap. Alex Smith is also just a better quarterback and he will bring the team more success. Alex Smith can also show how the offense is supposed to be run. Alex Smith is a great comeback story that will be remembered for years especially if he starts.

In conclusion the Washington Football Team has two great options for quarterback. They have a young quarterback with a lot of potential and a experienced game manager that has proven he’s one of the best in the NFL on multiple occasions. No matter what choice the team will make a huge impact on the team in the future.

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