Who will come out of the NFC East

The NFC East. Many see it as the worst division in football. The NFC East is terrible. In 2019 no one in the division won 10 games or more, the Cowboys won the division with a record of 9-7. They were the only division to not have a team post a record of 10 wins or more. As of right now, the Washington Football Team is the only team with a win, upsetting the Eagles 27-17.

Washington's defense is the key to their success. In week 1 they led the NFL in total sacks with 8. 2nd overall pick Chase Young leading the way. Their rush defense was dominant against a good offensive line. Their pass defense also proved useful, picking off Carson Wentz twice. The only question to this team is their offense. In his second year, Dwayne Haskins had a decent day, throwing for 178 yards and a touchdown.

Although Washington beat the Eagles, a team many thinks will come out of this division, they just don't have the talent level. Haskins isn't nearly as skilled as Carson Wentz or Dak Prescott or Danny Dimes.

I will tell you now I am not a huge believer in the Eagles. They do not have a wide receiver one. Alshon Jeffrey and DeSean Jackson are both very injury prone and in my opinion, you need a great wide receiver in today's game. However, they do have the best tight end duo in the league in Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert. And Miles Sanders looks to be a promising back for the run game and with a great offensive line they can do it.

But, I think Dak Prescott is way better than Carson Wentz. Wentz is injury prone and Prescott is just more mobile. Career-wise, Prescott has a higher quarterback rating, completion percentage, and touchdown to interception ratio than Wentz.

I thought, and Eagles fans thought that winning against the Washington Football Team would be a given. Clearly not. This is an embarrassment for the Eagles and gives a huge advantage to their division rival.

You may be thinking, how is that an advantage, The Cowboys lost. That is irrelevant. The Cowboys will not lose easy games against the Washinton Football Team and the Giants.

In 2019 the Eagles point differential against the Giants and Washington Football Team was a combined total of 38 points.

In 2019 the Cowboys point differential against the Giants and Washington Football Team was a combined total of 78 points. Not to mention, that the Cowboys won every game by double digits.

The Cowboys have a lot of weapons. Zeke is a top 3 running back in the league and their receiving trio of Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and CeeDee Lamb may be the best in the league. They have a fantastic offensive line and Dak Prescott is a great quarterback.

The Cowboys defense is where problems could start to occur. They lost pro-bowler Byron Jones to the Dolphins in free agency and they cut Haha Clinton-Dix after an underwhelming performance in training camp.

Also, pro-bowlers Leighton Vander Esch and Sean Lee are both on the injured reserve list.

The Cowboys are a middle of the pack defense and they will need to step up. Hopefully, second-round pick Trevon Diggs can make an impact and fill the shoes of Byron Jones.

That being said with the offensive talent, the Cowboys have the pieces to win the division and I think they will.

Well, what about the Giants.

Daniel Jones has tons of potential, but this is not his year. Their defense isn't good and they do not have a good offensive line. Their only hope is that their offense is unstoppable. Saquon is a generational talent, but they still do not have the offensive weapons. They have no pro bowl receivers and Evan Engram, the tight end, is overrated. Jones has to develop into a better quarterback. The Giants are below average on nearly everything except the run game. This team has a long way to go.

This was my analysis of the NFC East. I have the Cowboys winning the division.

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