Why Allen Robinson is the most underrated receiver in the NFL

Allen Robinson is a star wide receiver for the Chicago Bears but not to many people give him his credit for being a star receiver. Robinson is never talked about by fans and doesn't really get credit he deserves why is Robinson so underrated? Let me tell you why and why he is the most underrated receiver I'll explain that to.

Allen Robinson played college football at Penn State and was drafted in the 2014 draft by the Jaguars. That starts the main point why Robinson started his career being underrated he played for the Jaguars one of the worst teams in the NFL and one of the most Irrelevant teams in the NFL. Literally Know one watches the Jaguars when the team who year after year is having 3 win seasons. So since Robinson played on pretty much the worst team in the NFL know one watched The Jaguars so it never would give Robinson a chance to be watched by fans so people can see the talent he has.

A really big reason to why Jaguars weren't doing so good was because Jags had some really bad Quarterback play through out the years. The Quarterback that was throwing to Robinson was Blake Bortles. Bortles struggled through his career as a Quarterback so since Robinson had a bad struggling Quarterback throwing to him it would be hard for him to get receptions. But the great reason to why Robinson is so elite is that even though Bortles is pretty bad Quarterback Robinson still found a way to play like a star and get good stats even with a bad QB throwing to him. So that is something that makes Him underrated if he has none talked about QB throwing to him and a bad QB know one is going to recognize that because know has any care to watch Bortles throw to Robinson.

Allen Robinson was on the Jags four years so he's been on a bad team for most of his career and that drains time for him being noticed. Now after Robinson left the Jags he went to the Chicago Bears. He has been with Chicago for couple years and has been a star receiver with them to. For the time Robinson has been on the Bears the bad QB play just doesn't leave Robinson. When Robinson went to Chicago in 2018 Mitchell Trubisky was the Bears QB Trubisky had a solid pretty much average QB play in 2018 and hit Robinson with the ball a lot. Robinson even had a really clutch touchdown catch in the playoff game the bears were in 2018 but bears ended up losing anyways but proves Robinson can make clutch catches.

: Allen Robinson 2018 Playoff catch vs Eagles

Moving to the 2019 year where Robinson still plays for the Bears this year he played really amazing. But the problem was Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was struggling like crazy that year and the bears really let fans down that year by going 8-8. With the bears not really being a good football team that year and Trubisky not playing very good those to things would make the team not as popular. so that was making Allen Robinson very underrated because know one wanted to watch a team with a struggling QB and and a not a good team so that is making Robinson very underrated. They say the whole year was blamed on Mitchell Trubisky he would overthrow receivers badly he looked very uncomfortable in the pocket and much much more things for Trubisky.

I have one runner up behind Robinson I will put him at a very close second as most underrated receiver. So my close second behind Robinson is receiver for the Titans and his name is AJ Brown. Brown is a very big receiver Kinda like DK Metcalf not as big as Metcalf but is close to that. So that makes AJ Brown very hard to guard as a receiver.

So with all that being said that is why I think Allen Robinson is the most underrated receiver in the NFL. I worked very hard on this and loved writing about my favorite player Robinson. Hope you enjoyed my article and let me know what you think of this.

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