Why Bo Pelini Can Succeed With LSU

If you have watched any LSU games this year you probably know how horrendous the defense has looked this year. If you have talked with any LSU fans this year you have probably heard them say something like “fire Bo Pelini.” Now do I agree with this? possibly, but he also needs to have a better chance to impress.

As most people know we are currently in a pandemic, and that pandemic started in mid March meaning that college football teams did not have spring practice which is normally used to practice the fundamentals such as tackling, or if you have a new coach to learn the new system, but since we had no spring practice we had no fundamenal training.

Now your probably wondering how this effects how the defense is playing. Well like I said in the beginning if you have watched LSU you know the defense isn’t good, but if you watched it also looks like the players don’t know what their doing on the field. This is due to no spring practice. The players never got a chance to learn the complete system meaning Bo doesn’t get to use the full playbook, and he doesn’t get to learn which guys might succeed in the system better than others. So if your an LSU fan like me just be patient and give him a chance next year. This team will return to excellence soon.

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