Why Brock Purdy is a Heisman Sleeper

In his first two years, Brock Purdy has taken the College Football world by storm. Purdy burst onto the scene in 2018, in a game against Oklahoma State. The Cyclones started off the year 1-3 and after a couple of three and outs, Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell said why not? And put in the freshman Brock Purdy and he never looked back. Purdy threw for 318 yards, 4 touchdowns, 1 interception, completed 78% of his passes and ran for a touchdown, leading the Cyclones to a 48-42 victory. ISU would go on to win 6 out of their last 7 regular season games before losing to Gardner Minshew and Washington State in the Alamo Bowl.

The next year was a disappointment for the Cyclones, going 7-6. However that did not stop Purdy from becoming the most prolific quarterback in school history. He threw for 3,982 yards, 27 touchdown, 9 interceptions, ran for 9 touchdowns and completed 65% of his passes. The people who don’t mention Brock Purdy in the Heisman discussion isn’t necessarily because of him. It’s because of his team.

Iowa State Head Coach Matt Campbell

Iowa State isn’t necessarily a top tier football program, even though they’ve really improved the last few years and that causes people to count them out. However, this team has talent. ISU has arguably the best tight end in College Football in Charlie Kolar and a very good sophomore running back in Breece Hall. The offensive line has bern undoubtably the biggest issue holding Iowa State back. However, their tight end group includes Chase Allen, who is a great blocking tight end and should be able to help out in that departmen.

On the other side of the ball, the secondary was a weak spot due to the inexperience. They should be much better this upcoming season. Plus they’re getting Jaquan Bailey and Greg Eisthworth, the two best players on that defense back. With this truncated schedule and likely limited or no fans in the stadiums, this team could make a run at a Big 12 Championship or a New Years Six Bowl. If that happens, don’t be surprised if you here the name Brock Purdy in the Heisman conversation come December.

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