Why Donte Divencenzo is the Bucks secret weapon!!

Donte Divencenzo of the Milwaukee Bucks is a valuable role player who will probably make a bigger impact then most people realize. Donte Divencenzo is the Bucks secret weapon and here's why.


Donte Divencenzo is 3rd in defensive rating this year and it's clear why. Divencenzo is an awesome on ball and off ball defender. Mainly off ball defense is where he strives though. Divencenzo has a great defensive IQ and is often plays extremely well in hep side defense. Divencenzo's defensive fundamentals are great which can often keep him out of foul trouble. He keeps his hands straight up in the air when players drive in to avoid getting called for a foul and it works. Divencenzo has great rebounding and shot blocking ability, and he is great at anticipating passes. I honestly think Divencenzo is the most underrated rebounder in the NBA as he is an expert at boxing out and really fights for the rebound. He is your ideal defensive guard that can make a huge impact on that end. It also helps that Divencenzo does the dirty work on that end. He's the one getting physical down low, diving for loose ball's, and doing everything he can to stop the opponent from scoring. He is part of the reason the bucks are number 1 in defensive rating.

Basketball IQ:

I mentioned the Donte Divencenzo has a great defensive IQ but his offensive IQ is also elite. I think Donte has the most underrated basketball IQ in the NBA!! He makes great cuts and knows how to play off the ball extremely well. Donte's play making is also pretty good!! He also plays really well on the offensive glass as well which is another reason why his rebounding is so underrated. Donte seems to have near mastered the art of knowing where the ball will go after a shot is put up. This allows him to set his position and jump super high and aggressively grab that rebound and keep his teams offensive possession alive. Donte's play off the ball is a work of art and is awesome to see. Next time you watch a bucks game and Donte is in the game, watch how Donte moves and plays off the ball. It's incredible.

When you combine a very smart high IQ player with a hustler who does the little things to help his team win. You get one man, Donte Divencenzo. Teams must Divencenzo watch out for Donte because if he can play at the level he can consistently, then he can make a great impact. He doesn't need to be a dominant scorer, or a dominant shooter, his play style is deadly. This is what makes Donte Divencenzo the Milwaukee Bucks secret weapon!!

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