Why Dwight Howard Needs to be Respected for What he Does on the Lakers

Let me start with the fact of how healthy Dwight Howard has been this season. I always emphasize how important it is to stay healthy and how key that is to your success, and Dwight Howard has been taking care of his health. Due to the condition of his health, Howard has been able to maintain his athleticism so that he can still grab boards and throw down vicious dunks. For you football fans, non shooting big men are like the lineman of basketball, they do the dirty work that helps your team win but don't get credit for it. A big part of LeBron's success right now comes from Dwight Howard and his prowess in the pick and roll. Howard's experience in the league and IQ help him to stand in the perfect spot to set the perfect screen for LeBron or whoever he is picking for. He never fades off the screen, but that doesn't matter, just more proof of how good he still is. He rolls to the basket every time and still finds a way to score. His inside post moves are really endless and he will always find a way to score. Not to mention his ability to catch alley-oops on the pick and roll. You put big hands, athleticism, and superior dunking ability all together, that's one lethal package, and that's what Dwight Howard still has.

One more thing I'll mention is Dwight Howard's mentality. We all know that when he was with the Lakers the first time, with Kobe, there was some problems with who had the ball and who was taking the shots. I'll just say it right here, if Dwight Howard wanted to be the main man and the one putting up the most shots, he shouldn't have been on that team. He still put in great minutes for that team, but deep down he wasn't satisfied because he knew he could do more. After the Lakers, he shifted around to Houston, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Washington, only playing 9 games there. After that, he was released and was without basketball for quite some time. I think Dwight took it upon himself during this time to reflect on his past time with the Lakers and think about how he could change his game to fit in without being the main man he wanted to be. Also, knowing that he was older now, he knew he wouldn't be able to do it as well as he previously did. He was elated he was gifted the opportunity to play for the Lakers again, this time alongside LeBron. Being out of the league brought the feeling of "no basketball" to Dwight, and he didn't like that. He changed himself and now he does what he is told, which is be a role player. Grab rebounds and play in the pick and roll game.

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