Why I Want William Villeneuve

With it being the day before the draft I want to make this article about a potential steal that some people say wont even go in the 2nd round. William Villeneuve is a great defenceman who previously played with the St.Johns Seadogs with Jeremie Poirier.

Villeneuve plays a good game. He lead all QMJHL dman in points, he is a strong skater, he has a rocket of a shot and can make plays from the point, he is also as solid as a rock defensively. He may not be as flashy as Poirier but he does everything right and there is really no justification to me on why everyone is sleeping on him.

The reason why he stands out to me is how good he is defensively as he can shut down players with ease and can use the body to knock opponents off the puck however he stays disciplined and doesn't always go for the body when he could take the puck. Villeneuve plays a low risk game and can be a good shutdown defender that puts up 40+ points. Villeneuve's only weakness is just the fact that he needs to bulk up. He needs to get stronger in the core which will help him battle though/off checks and he needs to bulk up as that can help his physical game.

Villeneuve is projected to go in the late 2nd round and the habs do have a late 2nd round pick right around where I think he will go. I think he could be a top pair shutdown dman and fill the #1 RHD hole we will eventually have. I think Villeneuve will be a dominant presence defensively while racking up some points. I think he could end up being a top 3 dman in the draft and one of the biggest steals in the draft.

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