Why Isn't Jadeveon Clowney Getting Paid?

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

This offseason, Jadeveon Clowney was one of the biggest fish in the free agency pond. Yet, Clowney hasn’t signed a contract so far, even after getting multiple offers from teams like the Seahawks, Browns, and Dolphins. So what’s going on?

For starters Clowney’s evaluation of himself is simply higher than what teams are willing to pay him. Clowney thinks he is an elite pass rusher, and therefore thinks he deserves 18-20 million dollars a year on a new contract. Yet, in 2019, Clowney only had three sacks with the Seahawks. In fact, Clowney has never had more than ten sacks in his career. With those numbers, how can Clowney think he deserves Aaron Donald money?

Even with those numbers, and his high asking price, Clowney is still one of the better linebackers who can rush the passer in the NFL. Clowney is an absolute game wrecker, and his ability to cause defensive havoc is a necessity for any team that wants to go on a playoff run. However, if Clowney wants to play next season, he is going to need to take a pay cut.

This late into the offseason, he would be lucky to make ten million dollars annually on a new deal. News has it that the Cleveland Browns seem to have the largest contract offer on the table for him, yet Clowney obviously does not think their offer is suitable.

So where could Clowney land? Resigning in Seattle is probably the most likely outcome, but Cleveland is definitely an option, and the Titans may also be a good fit. In Tennessee, Clowney would join Vic Beasley to join an elite pass rushing corps in Nashville. For more Clowney to the Titans rumors, click the video below:

Yet, whatever happens, it seems unlikely that Clowney signs a long term deal. If he’s lucky to get an eight figure salary next season, that number would never be high enough for him to sign a long term contract on.

However, sitting out the season may be another option for the former Texans first overall pick. But this seems unwise, as players who have sat out of training camp or the regular season have almost never received a contract offer valued anywhere near what they originally wanted. Just look at Trent Williams, Melvin Gordon, and especially Le’veon Bell. Plus, in Clowney’s situation, he has almost no leverage to get a deal done.

With that said, Clowney needs to sign a contract as soon as possible if he wants to make anywhere near the amount of money he is looking for. As each week rolls by the likelihood for him to get a nice payday wanes. Yet, in the era of massive contracts, Clowney asking for more money may end up being his downfall.

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