Why Jaire Alexander is a star CB in the NFL

Jaire Alexander celebrating following a good defensive play vs the Vikings (2019)

Green Bay Packers CB Jaire is off to an electric start to the 2020 NFL season. He has proved he is consistent and has improved significantly from his rookie 2018 season, to now. He has faced up against some of the leagues top receivers in Calvin Ridley, Mike Evans, and Will fuller. Combined routes amongst those 3? 70. Combined targets amongst those 3? 7. Combined completions amongst those 3? 0. Alexander has evolved into a lockdown corner and the future is only getting brighter for this young star.

Alexander currently has the 5th best odds to win defensive player of the year, he's sitting currently at (+3200) while the 4th leading candidate (Khalil Mack) has a (+750) chance to win. That is pretty divided, but with few flashy plays this Sunday against Minnesota, the 23 year old cornerback could work his way up in the odds.

Jaire Alexander began to open eyes in his 2 seasons at Louisville, where there he would be a top corner in the nation and eventually drafted 18th by the Packers. This young stud has turned out so far to be a gem.

Jaire has talked about some strategies on how he possesses such a focused mindset during games, one of these strategies is meditating. You will often see Jaire pregame sitting against the goal post meditating and visualizing. He has stated that it helps keep his mindset focused and helps him overall just putting up a sharp performance.

Jaire and the Packer faithful and are ready for this weeks battle against the Vikings at Lambeau. And likely we will see a solid battle between Alexander and stud WR Adam Thielen. While the Vikings are sitting at 1-5 and last in the NFC North division, they will be hungry for vengeance following their 42-33 beatdown they took from the Packers in week 1.


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