Why Justin Herbert Will Have a Better Career than Josh Allen

Justin Herbert and Josh Allen are two very similar players with very similar skill sets. Both quarterbacks are tall, athletic, and mobile. They both have great arms that are able to power and drive the football downfield. Allen and Herbert have the throw power to make any throw on the football field possible. You want a deep ball over the top of the defense, you got it. You want them to fire the ball into a small window at the last second possible; they have the power to get that done.

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But when it comes to accuracy, there’s a slight problem. Allen, throughout his NFL career has consistently thrown for a sub 60 percent completion percentage (before the 2020 NFL season). If your quarterback is throwing for under a completion percentage of 60 percent, it’s going to be very difficult to string long, efficient, and effective drives together. If you watched the Bills last season, the offense was their problem, and a large part of that was Allen’s inability to find his receivers.

Is Herbert that much more accurate? Yes and no. His overall completion percentage during his last season at Oregon was about seven percentage points higher than Allen’s, but Herbert has still had his fair share of completion problems during his collegiate career. In 2018, Herbert had a completion percentage of under 60 percent, but seeing a major improvement from his 2018 to 2019 numbers is a good sign. Plus, through two games this season, Herbert currently sits at a 69.5 percent completion percentage which is good for 11th in the league.

At the end of the day, Allen and Herbert have very similar measurables. They ran similar 40 times, are roughly the same height and weight, and play the same brand of football. But in the NFL, completing passes matter. Accuracy matters. That’s the difference between a game winning touchdown, and a game ending interception. That’s the difference between a win and a loss, a Super Bowl ring and a second place finish.

Although Allen probably has a stronger arm and uses his legs more effectively in the run game, that doesn’t mean that Herbert can’t catch up. Herbert’s younger and already has the skill set to get the job done. It’s more about adjusting to the NFL’s pace of play and brand of football. With a few years of coaching up watch out for Justin Herbert.

Coming out of college, Herbert was a better prospect than Allen was, and the edge that Herbert has as a younger and more accurate passer may give him the advantage in the future. Although they didn’t come out of the same draft, I think that the comparisons between Josh Allen and Justin Herbert will be drawn together a lot in the future. With a similar build and style of play, these two quarterbacks are prototypes for the modern NFL signal caller. They have big arms and are able to make plays out of the pocket with their legs. But at the end of the day, I think Herbert has the tools to have a more successful career than Josh Allen.

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