Why Lamar Jackson really isn't that Impressive

When you think of Lamar you think of the fastest Quarterback. A Quarterback who is just as fast as some receivers you may know one of his crazy stats that he even broke a record that Michael Vick had. But what if I were to tell you Lamar really isn't as good as you think. That is what I am going to be talking about and backing up reasons why he is overrated and really isn't that good.

:His arm ability

Lamar isn't even that good with his arm I don't think he is that good of a deep ball thrower and he isn't accurate with deep ball. I will admit he is very accurate with short 5-10 yard passes. But there is a reason to why the Ravens play sheet is set like that he is not so good with deep balls so Lamar fully focuses on short passes so they just run those. But there is a problem with that if your team is down big and you need to step up and need to make yourself some big throws Lamar isn't able to do that. So he isn't a bring u back down from 20 type QB yeah he can run to get you back but that would take to much time.

:Playoff teams figuring him out

Yes I'll give this one to Lamar he usually makes the playoffs. But when Lamar makes the playoffs it seems he never really wins much Yes he beat the Titans this year but that is one game. Lamar's playstyle does not go around playoff football. When all Lamar does is run playoff teams are good teams and the good teams are gonna figure out to slow down his run and force him to throw. It makes sense to why he has lossed 3 out of the 4 playoff games he has been in because when you actually have to play good teams they know how to stop his cheeky playstyle.

:Lamar playoff game Vs Titans

:Not being able to carry with bad receivers

Lamar can't really carry with his receivers. First off Lamar doesn't really have that great of receivers to throw to yes he has Hollywood Brown and tight end Mark Andrews. They are decent but aren't the best so with Lamar having not so good receivers it's hard. But if you were a actual good Quarterback you would be able to carry your receivers with your talent. Even if the receivers are bad you would be able to work a little more throwing magic if you were good. Just look at Brady during his super bowl days all he could pass to were these little white receivers it proves if your a good QB you can make a not so good receiver look alright.

So with all that being said I have just been trying to convince you in this article that Lamar just really isn't good. Lamar will never win a super bowl for sure in my opinion. But let me know if I changed your thinking on Lamar or if you agree with some of the stuff I said on here. Thank you so much for reading my article!

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