Why Markelle Fultz Isn't a Bust Yet

After a very poor start in his first two seasons in Philly, Fultz has risen his gameplay to a starting point guard level, for the Magic that is. Fultz has shown significant improvement this season but there's so much more he needs to do to become a better basketball player. First off, he'll need to be available to play. He's had problems with injuries in the past that have held back his play and the time he's been able to practice. Whether it's stretching more, eating more healthy foods that promote strong bones, whatever needs to be done to keep him healthy, his trainer needs to be proscribing it to him, and he needs to be doing it. Second of all, he needs to perfect his free throw. It's clear that Fultz isn't a shooter, as he has shot below 30% from three in all three of his seasons in the NBA. He likes to drive, and when he drives, he draws contact. He got his FT% up to 72.3% this season after a dismal two seasons of shooting less than 60%. If he wants to score more, free throws will be a big part of his game.

Fultz was not ready for the spotlight of being drafted number one overall in the NBA draft. After the injuries, the poor performances, and all the negative criticism he's gotten in all three seasons of his NBA play, we have to give him credit for continuing to fight and get better, despite what everyone else thinks and says. I think that Fultz needs to improve as much as he did between his last season with Philly and his first season with Orlando, every year in order to not be a bust. I would also like to see him make some all star appearances because it's clear that unless something huge happens, the Magic aren't making any deep playoff runs.

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