Why Nick Foles can take the Bears to the playoffs

In 2018, the Bears went 12-4 and dominated the NFC and putting up the 3rd best record in the league. There was hope. It seemed like this could be part of a dynasty. The Khalil Mack trade was paying off and our defense looked fierce. Tribusky looked like he could turn into a good QB and Matt Nagy seemed like our coach of the future.

Until tragedy struck.

The Bears were in the first round of the playoffs vs the Eagles (the defending champs) with Nick Foles starting for the Eagles. The Bears were losing 16-15. Trubusky marched the team downfield and we set up for a field goal. Cody Parkey missed the infamous "double doink" from only 43 yards away.

Then in 2019, the Bears only went 8-8. The defense didn't look as tough and Trubusky definitely isn't our franchise QB.

This offseason, the Bears traded a 4th round pick for former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles.

Nick Foles may be past his prime (31) but he still has a lot left in the tank. The Bears have not stated who will be starting QB week 1.

However, many Bears fans like myself think that Nick Foles is the better QB and can be the secret to going back to the playoffs.

The Bears have a strong WR core (Allen Robinson, Andre Miller, Riley Ridley) and first round pick TE Cole Kmet. As well as veteran TE Jimmy Graham. Many analysts think that it was a poor decision to sign Jimmy Graham.

But, the Bears need all the offensive threats they can get.

Since Nick Foles led the Eagles to the Super Bowl he hasn't played a full season. The Eagles still started Carson Wentz in 2018 and. In 2019 Foles signed with the Jaguars before getting injured in week 1, playing 4 games in the season, and being replaced by Gardner Minshew.

Foles hasn't been given a proper shot. Foles playoff stats were very good; Foles threw over 300 yards per game and 2 touchdowns per game in 2018. Not to mention, Foles only threw 1 interception throughout that entire playoff run.

We know what happens when Foles gets hot. In the first 4 weeks the Bears only vs teams who finished with a record below .500 in 2019.

This is also good for Tribusky as he can learn under Foles. Tribusky still has potential to be a good QB. Though, most likely for a different team, as the Bears did not pick up his fifth option.

If Foles plays like how he does in the playoffs the Bears should be successful. Foles knows that he has to play good game after game or he may be benched. That is why Foles will bring his playoff gene into the regular season and will succeed with the Bears.

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