WHY NOT? Trade Russell

Today I’m going to showing a few possible trades I think the Rockets could use Westbrook for?

1. 76ers

Although this is not ideal for the 76ers the Rockets would have to give up Westbrook and Clemons. Clemons being decent shooter although he is undersized would fit good next to Simmons. But due to the Rockets having no picks to give it could be harder for the Rockets to obtain Embiid.

2. Pacers

The Indiana Pacers this is one grade that could benefit both teams in a way.

The Pacers would be giving up Myles Turner, Doug McDermott, Jeremy Lamb, Malcolm Brogdon, and a first for Russ. Now you maybe wondering how this benefits the Pacers. Well Brodgon he’s a solid player and both Myles and Victor Oladipo said they wanted out of Indiana, but by doing this trade it puts two All Stars alongside Victor Oladipo so if they could get him to stay they could make a solid run in the playoffs if they could stay healthy. Also with the Rockets this would allow them to run Harden with the ball more and have a big who can rebound and shoot the three ball decent.

3. Knicks

Out of all the possible trades this is probably the least likely to happen. This would have the Knicks giving up a first Frank Ntkilina, Julius Randle, and Wayne Ellington. The reason this is the least likely the Rockets would want to put a little better players around Harden so he don’t have as big of a load.

4. Clippers

This trade would be Russell for Paul George and Landry Shamet. I am not totally against it but I do not see this happening and the reason is the Rockets if they trade Russ want to be able to go back to having a Center. So if there was a way they could acquire Montrezl instead of Shamet the Rockets more than likely would take that deal.

5. Kings

Now you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy but just listen. Fox, Barnes, and Hield in exchange for Westbrook and Danuel House. Now the Kings have been on a playoff slump recently and this trade could easily end that. Although they are giving up a great young player in Fox, Westbrook can easily help save this team and Fox has one year left on his contract and could decline it and then sign back with the Kings. And the Rockets get a great shooter in Hield and a good point guard to run alongside Harden.

6. Suns

The Suns would obtain Russell and a future 1st round for way in the future for Oubre, Rubio, and Ty Jerome. This would be a great trade for both teams. The reason being the Suns have two great young players in Booker and Ayton and adding Russell Westbrook who is a great play maker who can also score efficiently the Suns would greatly increase title chances. Now for the Rockets they get a great playmaker in Rubio and a good SF in Oubre and a good rotation player in Jerome, but this could require Harden to move without the ball more.

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