Why Russell Wilson Isn't overrated like people say

Russell Wilson is one of the Best Quarterbacks in the NFL. Wilson at the start of this season looked like he was winning MVP but slowed down a bit and people don't like that he went from MVP play to slowing down. Another reason people are saying he is overrated because his team got knocked out in the first round to the Rams and saying if he was one of the best he wouldn't lose in the first round. But the team he played against were the Rams pretty much the best defense in the NFL. I say Wilson is up there as good as Mahomes and Rodgers without a doubt Wilson isn't better than Rodgers and Mahomes I'm just saying he is in the top 5 with them. So I'll slow it down now I am going to get into my reasons to why Wilson isn't overrated.

His consistency in the game:

Wilson is probably one of the most consistent players in the NFL sure he didn't play well at the end of the season but always just plays decent and never has a totally bad game. Reason to this is he is a great deep ball thrower and he doesn't throw a lot of picks. I also think Wilson is a great in the clutch he can make big throws and for sure lead his team on game winning drives he could have done it in the super bowl if they ran the ball.

All round QB game:

Wilson is a great all round QB I say he has pretty much everything you can ask for in a QB. Deep ball passes he can even run if he has to like I already said he can make game winning drives and of course is a veteran QB.

Know one is comparing him to things he's not:

If you think of overrated you think someone is saying a certain thing about talent that is way to overboard. He was at the beginning of the season at the beginning he would get compared to Mahomes because of his MVP play but after the start of the season he started playing little worse and wasn't being compared to them anymore so know one was overrating him. People are saying he is overrated because he lossed in the first round of the playoffs so if anything people are overhating him.

He is quiet about his business:

Russ is a very quiet guy he doesn't really say much that will get his name out there. A lot of players talk a lot but Russ isn't like that he keeps to himself a lot of times in interviews players will say certain things that will pop out but Russ doesn't really do that. Russ doesn't really say a lot of stuff on social media because that is a big thing these days and if u don't say anything on that then know one will really know what you say. Talking on the field Russ doesn't trash talk I don't really ever see him say anything to people or get in anyone's face.

That is my article on Russ he has so much QB game and reasons to why he isn't overrated. It is not overrated he is overhated the guy is amazing he may not be as good as Rodgers or Mahomes but he has everything a QB needs and he is top 3 top 5 without a doubt you think others wise that is overhating. Thanks for reading my article and let me know your opinion is on Russ.

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