Why The Bears Will Win The NFC North

The NFC North is one of the most talented divisions in the league and no one really knows what team is going to come out on top. Maybe the vikings, they might have lost a couple key players but they still have a great coach and a good defense. Or the packers, they won the division last year so what’s stopping them from doing it again this year. Even the lions have a chance with the additions like D’Andre Swift and Jeff Okudah. Personally I think the winner of the division will be the Chicago Bears.

In order to understand why I think the bears are such a good team we have to start with how they fixed their biggest problem from last year, this problem is of course their quarterback situation. Last season the bears started Mitchell Tribisky as their quarterback and as we all know that didn’t work out well, but this offseason they traded for former super bowl MVP Nick Foles. Last season on the jaguars he didn’t play very well but he played really well on the eagles which is a team with a very similar scheme to the bears which will allow Nick Foles to flourish. I think that Nick Foles will be a huge improvement over Mitchell Tribisky next season.

Even though the bears are considered a defensive team they also have a incredible offense, especially with the aforementioned addition of Nick Foles. They have a great recieving core consisting of Allen Robinson, Anthony Miller, and Ted Ginn Jr. The bears also have potential to have a incredible running game they just need David Montgomery to play like he did in Iowa. At tight end they have Jimmy Graham, a veteran tight end that has to prove he can succeed without an elite quarterback (Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Russell Wilson), and Cole Kmet, who was the most starter ready tight end in the 2020 draft class. Overall the bears’ offense has potential to be incredible.

The bears offense doesn’t even need to be great as long as the defense plays like we all know they can. In 2018 they allowed only 283 points which is insane. What makes that even better is the fact that they still have a lot of the defensive players they had in 2018. The main loss they have on defense is the loss of defensive coordinator Vic Fangio but they replaced him with Chuck Pagano who was the defensive coordinator for the ravens in 2011 which allowed only 266 points. If that isn’t proof that he’s a great defensive coordinator I don’t know what is. The bears also made a huge upgrade by replacing Leonard Floyd with Robert Quinn. Last season Khalil Mack played really poorly but that was because Akiem Hicks was injured. This allowed other teams to just triple team Khalil Mack with no consequence because they didn’t have any other good pass rushers. Due to the addition of Robert Quinn, if Akiem Hicks gets injured again other teams will still have to worry about Robert Quinn so they won’t be able to triple team Khalil Mack.

Although the bears division is tough each team has major flaws. For starters the packers. The packers lost many important players such as Blake Martinez, Bryan Bulaga, Danny Vitale, and Geronimo Allison. The packers also seem to be going through a complete culture change as shown by the new offensive scheme that was implemented last year and the addition of Jordan Love. The Lions have great players the just don’t have a good coach. Thar causes them to have the pieces for a playoff team but not the mind to put it together. The Vikings are the exact opposite of the lions, they have a great coach but they lost a lot of their important players. They lost Stefan Diggs, Linval Joseph, Everson Griffin, Trae Waynes, Xavier Rhodes, Laquan Treadwell, and more. Some of these losses aren’t major but it causes the team to have major holes that are difficult to find replacements for.

In conclusion, the Bears are a great team that can win the NFC North this year because of the addition of a veteran quarterback, a decent offense, a top 5 defense, and flawed competition. It may not be easy for the bears to win the division but if enough goes right for them they will make the playoffs.

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