Why the Boston Celtics Can Easily Make the NBA Finals

The Boston Celtics are the most slept on team in the NBA. The Boston Celtics will have three All-Stars this year and I would bet on that. Jaylen Brown will make his next jump and probably average around 22 points, six rebounds, and four assists. Jayson Tatum will be a dark horse MVP candidate. Kemba Walker is just a stud and will continue to produce.

The loss of gordon Hayward does hurt the Celtics, but a great draft pick was made by Danny Ainge in Aaron Nesmith. Aaron Nesmith is a 6'6 forward out of Vanderbilt. His second year saw him averaging 23 ppg and five rebounds per game. Aaron Nesmith also averaged one block and one point four steals per game. This will help the Celtics needed defense. The Boston Celtics defense is their main question. Daniel Theis is in his prime. His role is just to play defense and play big, which he is very solid at.

The Celtics also have some great other young talent in Robert Williams, Grant Williams, Romeo Langford, and rookie Payton Pritchard. The Boston Celtics' big man need to produce in order for them to really make the push.

I think the Celtics match up great with every eastern conference team, except for the Milwaukee Bucks. The Celtics match up best against a highly praised Brooklyn Nets team. Jayson Tatum and Kevin Durant would be especially fun to watch go at it. Kemba Walker and Kyrie Irving were traded for each other last year and I think are both talented players, but Kyrie is definitely the better player.

Jaylen Brown and Caris Levert are both very young players whom I think can blossom into All-Stars. The other threat in the East are the Philadelphia 76ers who just got finished getting swept by the Celtics. The Toronto Raptors also lost to the Celtics in seven games and lost both of their Centers. There is no way that team will beat the Celtics.

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