Why the Celtics Should go After the #2 Pick

The Celtics are contenders. There is no question about that.

They play great positionless basketball and have a top-ranked defense in the league. The Celtics are up 2-0 on the reigning champion Toronto Raptors and may be the team to beat in the East.

However, despite the Celtics success this year they are lacking a key position: center. Any NBA fan knows that the best center in this year's draft is projected #2 pick James Wiseman out of Memphis.

Currently, the Warriors hold the #2 pick. And although Wiseman would also be a fantastic match for Golden State, the Warriors have made it clear that they are open to trades.

Potential Trade:

Celtics Recieve: #2 Pick

Warriors Recieve: Enes Kanter, Romeo Langford, #14 Pick, #26 Pick, #30 Pick, 2022 1st Round Pick, 2021 Second Round Pick

Warriors Incentive: In my opinion, a top 3 pick is supposed to be a future superstar. The Warriors already have their superstar in Stephen Curry and should attempt to build around him more while he is still at the highest level.

The Warriors would be getting a clear upgrade at the center with Enes Kanter and are acquiring a nice young piece with Romeo Langford.

Also, the three first-round picks this year could all be a great addition to a very poor bench.

Golden State's best bench player is Eric Paschall, who was the 41st pick in last year's draft and a potential all-rookie player. So anyone in the first round could be utilized on this team.

Celtics Incentive:

Danny Ainge is one of the greatest GMs of all-time. His resume includes trading down for Jayson Tatum, Trading Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jayson Terry for 4 first-round picks to Brooklyn who would fail to get past the second round, and trading Terry Rozier and two second-round picks for Kemba Walker. So ya, he's pretty good.

Ainge isn't afraid to trade multiple first-round picks to get a player he wants. In 2015, Ainge offered 4 first-round picks for the opportunity to draft Justice Winslow. And the Celtics only would have moved up 7 spots. It should be a little easier to trade for the #2 pick this year though, seeing as the Warriors are open to trading it.

As I mentioned, the Celtics play positionless basketball and Wiseman would fit right into that. Wiseman is an agile center who knows how to shoot the ball.

This would make for perhaps the best three-point shooting in the league and a fierce defense that makes the Celtics contenders for years to come.

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