Why the future of the Pistons doesn't seem very bright

Since 2008 the Pistons have been in the playoffs three times. All three times have been as an eight seed.

How are the Pistons planning on getting back to the playoffs?

In 2018 the Pistons sent Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjonavic, A first round draft pick, and a second round pick to the Clippers for Blake Griffin and two players that are currently not in the league.

Tobias Harris is a very quality starter and Boban and Avery are two very good role players. In addition, that first round draft pick landed them future All-Star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

In his first year with Detroit Blake Griffin earned himself an All-Star appearance and looked like he could return to his MVP caliber self.

However, this year with injuries he has been very disappointing.

Blake averaged only 15 points per game and five rebounds, in the mere 18 games he played.

Not to mention, that Blake is supposed to be in his prime, as he is 31 years old and on a massive contract of 34 million dollars per year.

The Pistons also signed former MVP Derrick Rose to a two year deal worth 30 million dollars. Rose had proven to be a quality starter, but cannot lead the team to the playoffs.

This year at the trade deadline the Pistons traded their best player, rebounding machine, and former All-star for two washed up players in John Henson and Brandon Knight and snagged a second round pick.

This was an awful trade for Detroit. They were trying to get off of Drummond's contract which was 29 million dollars per year. But, could have just waited and tried a better sign and trade with Drummond and attempted to get a better player in exchange.

Detroit has made some pretty bad decisions. Yet, they have a couple players who do have potential.

First, they have Sekou Doumbouya. Sekou is one of the youngest players in the league (19). He missed 28 games this year due to injury, while playing only 20 minutes per game. Hopefully, in the upcoming years Sekou will get more minutes and can blossom into an All-star for their team.

Second, they have Christian Wood (24). Wood averaged 13 points and six rebound, while only playing 21 minutes per game. He showed flashes of potential dropping 30 points twice within their team's last three games.

If the Pistons want to compete they might have to trade a player like D-Rose and a first round pick for a superstar.

Detroit thought the Blake Griffin could be that star but was wrong and it cost them.

Hopefully, the Pistons can select a future star in this year's draft where they will have a top 10 pick.

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