Why the Jets trading for Deshaun Watson, is a terrible idea.

With Deshaun Watson wanting out of Houston, there have been a lot of rumors of where he could potentially go, and the Jets have been in those rumors. I've also seen some Jets fans on social media get behind these rumors and start believing in the hype around Watson to NY. However, if that were to happen it would stunt not only the Jets franchise, but also Watson's own career.

Deshaun Watson is coming off of his personal best season, but his teams worst record as the Texans finished 4-12 after a 1-6 start. Part of that has to do with their very very hard schedule, having lost to every single playoff team they faced, but beat 4/5 non playoff teams they played, only losing to the Bengals. Watson and the Texans were a very one dimensional team, having the 2nd best pass attack, but the 31st rush offense. The defense didn't help much either. 24th against the pass, and last in rush defense. With that, combined with the tough schedule it was hard for Watson to win games.

Now the Jets shouldn't even be in this position, they should've gone 0-16 and secured Trevor Lawrence, but instead decided to win 2 meaningless games and lose out on him. At 2-14 it secured them the 2nd pick, where they could go Justin Fields, Penei Sewell, or trade out of the pick. The Jets also have a 2nd first rounder that came from the Seahawks in the Jamal Adams deal. They have the draft capital to trade for Watson, but should they?

To that, my answer is HELL NO. Deshaun Watson is a top 5 QB in the league and is just 25 years old, but he will not fix the Jets. Giving up both firsts this season, 2 and 23, they'd additionally have to add their first in 2022, and likely more draft capital. Giving up key pieces to their future in exchange for Watson isn't worth it. Watson won't fix this team, and it wouldn't surprise me if he had similar stats to what Darnold did in NY because there are no weapons, behind a terrible OL, and absolutely no defense, which didn't help Darnold.

Again, Watson is NOT the answer to the Jets problems, as there are simply way too many problems. In my opinion they should hold at 2, take Sewell, take an offensive skill position like Najee Harris or Rondale Moore at 23. Give Darnold 1 more shot or draft a guy like Trask, or Jamie Newman on day 2.

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