Why the Laver Cup is Such a Great Tournament

The Laver cup is a tennis tournament started in 2017 by Roger Federer in honor of Rod Laver. It is a special tournament because unlike almost all other tennis tournaments, it is a team tournament where you must be selected by a respective team to play.

The Format:

There are 2 teams in the Laver cup, team World and team Europe. Bjorn Borg is the coach of team Europe, and John McEnroe for team world. They each select 6 players to form each team. The players that McEnroe selects must not be from Europe, and the players that Borg selects must be from Europe. The tournament lasts 3 days and there are 4 matches each day, 3 singles and 1 doubles. The scoring is different from any ordinary tournament. It is a best 2 out of 3 sets, but in the case of a third set, you play a ten point win by 2 tiebreaker instead of a full set. On the first day, all matches played are worth one point. On the second day, each match is worth 2 points. On the final day of the tournament, each match is worth three points. The first team to reach 13 points wins the tournament. If the score is 12-12, there is a deciding doubles match. In the tournament, all players must play a singles match in the first 2 days. 4 of the 6 players must play doubles, and no doubles combination is allowed more than once except if it's in the deciding match.

Why It's So Great

The Laver cup is an amazing atmosphere. A team tournament is very rare in tennis, as there are only three per year (one of them goes throughout the year so it's not as fun). It is incredible to watch the other players on the sidelines yelling and cheering on their teammates. This is something you do not see at normal tournaments. During changeovers, the players and coaches are allowed to talk to their teammates. That is something that is not allowed at any other men's tournament. It's amazing to watch players encouraging their teammates throughout the tournament, as these are normally their competitors. During the tournament all of the players and fans are very into the matches as each match has a lot of significance. Singles players also now play doubles in this tournament which they normally never do, so it is very fun to watch. The tournament changes its location every year, alternating between a major city in Europe and North America. You also get to see some of the greats play doubles with each other; in 2018 Djokovic and Federer, and in 2017 Rafa and Federer. I had the privilege to attend the second ever Laver cup in 2018 and it is a tournament like no other. It was such an amazing atmosphere and I loved every part of it. I could argue that it was my favourite tournament that I have ever been to, and this is coming from someone who has been to Wimbledon. Overall I think this is a terrific tournament and I would recommend it to any tennis fan.

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