Why the New York Jets have a chance at a decent season this year

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WSI- When talking about predictions for the 2020 NFL playoffs the Jets are hardly mentioned as a team who could possibly even make the playoffs. But here is why they should be. Last season, the Jets went 7-9, just 2 games out of the second wild card spot. That might not seem to great but remember that in 3 of those losses, Sam Darnold was out with Mono. In the games that they had their franchise quarterback, they went 7-6. If Darnold had been healthy, they could’ve easily went 8-8, 9-7, or maybe even 10-6 which could’ve secured a playoff spot.

@mets.pulse- And all of this was with an atrocious secondary and an even worse offensive line. That is why GM Joe Douglas spent the offseason fixing those 2 spots. He drafted mammoth left tackle Mehki Becton and he signed Right Guard Greg Van Roten, Center Connor McGovern and Right Tackle George Fant in free agency. For the secondary, they drafted Ashtyn Davis and Bryce Hall and they also signed a solid corner in Prierre Desir. After strengthening the Jets two biggest weaknesses, and adding to another weakness by drafting Denzel Mims and signing Breshad Perriman, Sam Darnold may finally have enough talent around him to flourish in his third year. With all these new additions and improvements, don’t be surprised if the jets are involved come playoff time.

@powerf00tball- The New York Jets are a team in the rebuilding process, so Jets fans...be patient, believe in your team. Joe Douglas knows what he is doing. This coming season they will not adavnce to playoffs. Right now they are a young experience less team, but they're adding key players that will help them succeed. During this offseason, with Joe Douglas on the GM command for the first time, the Jets added some veteran players. This include: Greg Van Roten, Connor McGovern, Alex Lewis and George Fant to the Offensive line, Breshad Perriman and cornerback Pierre Desir, among others. On the Draft, they have selected Mekhi Becton to add more protection, Denzel Mims to give them speed, Ashtyn Davis and others. These young players will be notable ones for this Jets team. They are doing well, but rebuilding takes time. I think te Jets will finish 5-11 this season, but in future years, with experience and success gained, they will surely be a Playoff team. Again, be patient.

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