Why the Pistons Need Lamelo Ball

The Detroit Pistons are entering a serious rebuilding phase in their franchise.

They traded away their franchise player this deadline in Andre Drummond, who is now a Cleveland Cavalier. They will have a top pick in this upcoming years draft. If they were to land the first pick, Lamelo Ball, he should be no doubt their selection

Although they have rejuvenated PG Derrick Rose, who had a strong season this year, he will not be in their future plans. Expect him to be moved in this years offseason. That would leave a hole at the Point Guard position.

They also have aging star Blake Griffin, who has an incredibly high contract with years remaining.

One of the biggest reasons why they should draft Ball is due to the hype and excitement surrounding him. Detroit has little-to no excitement on this roster currently, and a selection of a Ball Brother could skyrocket their ticket sales and revenue. It would bring life to a dead franchise, along the likes of Zion and Ja Morant who changed their franchises outlook this season.

The Pistons could have solid pieces to surround Ball with. Sekou Doumbouya is high-potential small forward for then and Luke Kennard could be a solid backcourt companion.

So if the Detroit Pistons were to select first, expect Lamelo Ball's name to be called. Possibly even with a second or third selection due to star prospects James Wiseman, and Anthony Edwards.

In a rebuilding mode, the Pistons could gather up their franchise guy, and develop him and their young players to create a solid core.

The Point Guard from Australia could be the answer to a Pistons franchise that is on its last legs.

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