Why The Pittsburgh Pirates Won't get Better in the Forceable Future

As a Pirates fan it is frustrating ninety-nine percent of the time to stand by my team and watch them. In this half rant half fact filled article I will explain why the Pirates will remain one of the worst teams in baseball for the upcoming future.

The Pittsburgh Pirates, the trash of the NL Central. The last time the fans of PNC park could celebrate a playoff game win was in the 2013 NL Wild Card game. I can recall that team almost perfectly, RHP Gerrit Cole, LHP Francisco Liriano, RHP Edinson Volquez, RHP Charlie Mortan, LHP Jeff Locke, RHP A.J. Burnett, RP Tony Watson, RP Mark Melancon, RP Justin Wilson, RP Jared Hughes, CP Jason Grilli, 1B Garrett Jones, 1B Justin Morneau, 2B Neil Walker, 2B Josh Harrison, SS Jordy Mercer, 3B Pedro Alvarez, C Tony Sanchez, C Russell Martin, C Michael McKenry, CF Andrew McCutchen, RF Starling Marte, RF Gregory Polonco, LF Marlon Byrd. Those are just the starters/ players who see the field most. A lot of those players were just signed to one year contracts, also known as rental players including 1B Justin Morneau and LF Marlon Byrd.

The main reason the Pirates will not be successful for awhile is because of the ownership, owner Robert Nutting does not like spending money and just wants more money for himself but is in the top 10 of the richest owners in baseball. Instead of paying RHP Gerrit Cole in 2015 to keep our pitching rotation strong he dealt him to the Houston Astros. 2-3 years later he dealt fan favorite and heart of the team Andrew McCutchen to the San Francisco Giants for yet again, a low ball return. A few months ago he dealt star CF Starling Marte to the Arizona Diamondbacks for another crappy return. He finally pulled his head out from the dirt and fired Gm Neal Huntington and manager Clint Hurdle. There are mixed feelings about the firing of Clint Hurdle, I liked Hurdle but its more of the trainers, pitching and batting coaches that are bad and not Hurdle.

Another reason why the Pirates won't be good for the upcoming future is how they draft. They draft players that stay in low-high A for years then when they end up getting promoted they get traded. They draft a lot of players that go to college instead of players that want to play right away so they aren't available for 3-4 years. The Pirates plan for the future but just end up trading away their future. Example, Austin Meadows, he was killing it then they traded him and two pitchers to the Rays for Chris Archer and that trade backfired. The Pirates could've survived without Archer but they traded away their top, young producer in Meadows. That leads me into another area, trading, the Pirates suck at trading. I don't remember the last time the Pirates won a trade or made a fair, even trade. I think it was 2002 when Pittsburgh got A.J. Burnett from the Yankees.

A short article because those are pretty much the reasons why the Pirates won't be good for a very long time. My next article will be done in parts so look for part one in the next couple days.

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