Why the Razorbacks won against Kentucky fair and square

A lot of controversy came about after last nights 81-80 victory for the Razorbacks over the Wildcats. Most Kentucky fans were upset about the last minute call that sent Arkansas' Jalen Tate to the free throw line, which ultimately became the game winning free throws. I'm here to explain this call, not as a Razorbacks fan, but as an unbiased opinion.

The play is seen above. Jalen Tate grabbed the offensive rebound and was goin back up when Kentucky's Jacob Toppin fouled him. Many thought it was a jump ball, which would have gave Kentucky the ball, as they had possession. However, there is clear evidence that Toppin swatted Tates left hand as he went up. It is hidden by the ball in the photo above, but if you watch the video, you can see for yourself.

Kentucky fans would probably strongly disagree with me on this one. But you can't be mad when basic basketball rules cost you a game. Besides this call, Kentucky had a chance to get a game winning shot. Coach Calipari drew up a sorry inbounds play, which resulted in a game winning steal by Arkansas freshman Davonte Davis. Both teams shot themselves in the foot the whole game, but it was ultimately won by the better team. Woo Pig!

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