Why The Signing Of Cam Newton Was Crucial To The Patriots And Could be the same for Stidham

Cam Newtons Signing Was Obviously Crucial To The Patriots In finding A replacment For Brady, But Have you thought About how it could be crucial to the Potential Future Of the Franchise QB Jarrett Stidham, Well its not complicated at all!

Stidham Needs Some more developing if they want to have him To be The future, Bring in Cam Newton Who if he could be half of his 2015 self, could help a lot, And Teach Stidham More About the NFL And how to handle pressure from the defense.

In my Opinion, I see Newton Start The first Half of the season But with A young, ready Jarrett Stidham I see Him starting the second half Unless Newton somehow is 100% And back to 2015 Form And if that is The patriots Are going to Tampa In February.

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