Will baseball return in 2020?

It's been two months since we have last seen the stars of the game we love take the field and you would think by now we would have some type of plan to get the season up and running....... but we don't and here's why.

Now to really know the real cause of this problem we have to travel all the way back to the 2017 offseason. The MLB and the MLBPA (MLB players association) clashed for more than 4 months over a new CBA. The MLBPA saw this as a knock to the players as many things went unchanged such as the minimum salery and the service time issue, but with presure from the players and the fans to get a deal done if they didnt want to have a lockout like they had in 1994. After 4 months of negotiations the two sides finally agreed to a deal that was very owner friendly and seemed as a loss for the players. Tony Clark, the president of the MLBPA was under fire for caving to the greaddy owners and he promised that in 2021 thimgs would be different.

Fast forward back to 2020, and we see Tony Clark standing his gorund. After 2 months of trying to form a plan we havent seen any traction on an agreement bettwen the owners and the players and its scaring many in the business. Clark is not trying to have a repeat of 2017 and will do everything in his power to make sure the players get paid and most importantly stay safe. But with this current "lockout" players are not getting paid, teams are losing money and minor leagers are getting cut.

The current proposel by the owners included an astonishing 83% pay cut wich would mean players like Bryce Harper, who is making 35 million this year would only make roughly 7.5 million. Thats absurd. As a baseball fan I really just want to see some sort of play out there whether its behind closed doors of players have to wear masks in the dugout, im all for it but when a player who has earned every penny of that contract has to take a pay cut that big its just not right.

Rays Starting Pitcher Blake Snell spoke out about this recently and brings up some very good points, but also some bad ones. Snell says that "I gotta get mine" and "Im going out there risking my life" and both are true but first off Blake if there is only half a season than it only makes sense to take half of your slaery, thats pretty simple but the part of risking your life is wrong. There is people out there going through more risk than you would making not even close to as much you would make and they do it without all of the complaints.

In my opinion I do not think baseball will be played in 2020 as its both the MLB owners and the MLBPA fault. The billionare owners are being way to greedy while the Players Association are just trying to prove that they refuse to get ripped off again.

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