Will the Sixers Future Projected Lineup Work Out?

Let me first say that for a 6'10 player, Ben Simmons is extremely fast. Typically, guards can keep up with Simmons, they do often struggle though. Moving him to the PF position, nobody will be able to keep up with him. So you're adding a faster guy to the floor to take place of the, quite slow, Al Horford. So ultimately, your adding more playmaking and speed to the floor. Another reason this will help Simmons is the fact that he is better in the paint. Being a PG he either has to drive to the paint or move around to the paint and get the ball passed to him. Being at the PF position, he will already be there posting up when he wants, he just has to call for the ball. Since he is a great passer as well, he can do outlet passes when everybody thinks he's going to do a post move. That's where Milton will come up big as he will be on the perimeter and being a 45.3% shooter from deep, he's ready to fire. Embiid would also be in the paint, possibly dragging his defender over to Simmons to help, Embiid could slowly back away, receive the quick pass from Simmons, and knock down the mid-range jumper. Another way Simmons could help the team is setting high pick and rolls and dribble handoffs. With Simmons speed, he could continue running at full speed toward the basket and his defender that just got picked would never be able to catch up. If they switched, Simmons could still blow by him, or he could pass back to whoever he ran to and they could shoot it (probably either Milton or Harris). Now to talk about Al Horford and his current and past role. It was clear that Horford and Embiid both in the backcourt wasn't working. It was surprising given the vast skill set of Horford, but we've seen it, it just isn't working. The only way this team can make this all work, is if Brett Brown takes the proper steps and leads the team. You can't put it all on the players, a good team has to have a good coach and this is a perfect example of all this talent, and not a good coach. Hopefully Brett Brown can make this lineup work and do other things that will help improve the team. If he doesn't, it might be time to start looking for a new head coach.

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