Winners and Losers of the 2020 MLB Draft. (1st Round and Comp A Round)

The 2020 MLB Draft class has a very solid showing of pitchers and catchers. In this article I will be writing 3 winners and losers of the draft.

#1 Winner: Detroit Tigers

I might be a completely biased Tigers fan, but the Tigers drafted an absolute stud. Torkelson was drafted with the first pick and that was expected by most. He's a power hitter but can still hit for contact, he also plays the traditional first base position well which is what the Tigers need right now. At Arizona State this year he hit .340 with 6 dingers, in only 17 games. His MLB comparison is an Aaron Judge type player. Torkelson is a little smaller than Judge, which might result in less homers but he would have less injuries.

#1 Loser: Baltimore Orioles

It baffles me how the Orioles passed up on SS Austin Martin out of Vanderbilt. Instead, they selected Heston Kjerstad. Kjerstad is not a bad pick, I just think they reached too far. In my opinion Martin has a higher floor and ceiling. Even both MLB Analysts who participated in a mock draft had the O's selecting Martin, and had Kjerstad being picked 7th or 8th. Kjerstad hit .448 with 6 homers. His stats are very good, but stats don't always translate to the MLB.

Winner #2: Toronto Blue Jays

Similar to what I said before, is that the Blue Jays were lucky enough to draft Ausin Martin. Martin the 2B/SS out of Vanderbilt seems to be one of the most talented and mature ballplayers in this class. He hit .377 and 3 homers. Martin is more of a contact hitter than a power hitter. I think that this was a good choice for the Blue Jays, whom now have a young core with contact, and power hitters.

Loser #2: San Francisco Giants

The Giants didn't reach far for this pick or anything remotely dumb to what the O's did. They drafted catcher, Patrick Bailey out of NC State. Bailey is a good player, but the Giants already have their catcher for the future, Joey Bart. Bart is ranked the #14 prospect on the MLB Pipeline and is estimated to be in the MLB by 2020 assuming there will be a 2020 season. Unless the Giants have something up their sleeve, I think it was a mistake to draft another catcher.

Winner #3: Kansas City Royals

There was no magic behind the Royals awesome pick. They drafted pitcher, Lacy Asa out of Texas A&M. Asa is by far the best pitcher in the draft. He is a lefty pitcher, and this season went 3-0 boasting a ridiculous 0.75 ERA. Asa is just another piece in the Royals franchise that will help the rebuild go along faster. The only bad part about Asa, is that he sometimes can throw too many wild pitches which can often result in a run, or all runners advancing.

Loser #3: Boston Red Sox

Surprisingly, the Red Sox may have made an even worse decision than the O's. When the O's selected Kjerstad they reached 8 slots. He was picked second and was ranked 10th. The Red Sox however, drafted Nick Yorke with the seventeenth pick, who was ranked 139th. According to the MLB Draft Tracker, they reached by 122 spots in the draft. I don't even know enough about Yorke to make an assumption about him, but they missed out on a lot of other good players like Nick Bitso, Tyler Soderstrom and Garrett Mitchell.

Comment down below if you agree/disagree or think another team should be here.

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