Young NFL star receivers who will own the league years to come

The NFL has a really great future right now with all the young stars that it has. NFL has a great future with QB's like Justin Herbert, Joe Burrow Josh Allen and much more. QB might be the position with the best talent in the future but I think receiver has the most players that are young that will make the NFL fun for years to come. So that is what I am going to be talking about in this article young NFL star receivers who will own the league years to come.

DK Metcalf:

I like DK a lot I do think he is the next Calvin Johnson like they say there playstyles are very similar. DK body is built like a tank if you have seen the one photo of him with his shirt off his body looks unreal he is for sure one of the strongest receivers in the NFL. My Favorite DK Metcalf moment was when the Seahawks played the Vikings I am pretty sure it was on Sunday night football. In that game Seahawks were down by 26-21 than a Touchdown all they needed to do was go in the in zone and they have won. Seahawks were long a way from the in zone put on 4th and 10 Russell Wilson throws a really high ball up to DK Metcalf and he catches it to keep the drive alive. Then the Seahawks quickly got to the 7 yard line when they got there from 2nd goal to 4th goal Russell Wilson threw to DK 3 straight times. DK not getting it the first 2 times on 4th and goal Wilson hits DK for the game winning TD pass! A play and drive where DK proves he can be the next Calvin Johnson.

:DK Metcalf game winning catch on Vikings

:DK Metcalf the next Calvin Johnson comparison

Terry McLaurin:

Terry has a lot of talent and a future. Terry has had a lot of arguments about him and DK Metcalf. It has become a huge argument on who is better between the to receivers. But about Terry he has had Some very bad QB's throwing to him during his career he has had Dwyane Haskins, Alex Smith, Case Keenum a washed QB. so with and in this 2020 NFL season Washington has gone through a couple of QB's. So with Terry having a these horrible QB's throwing to him he still finds a way to preform at a high level. I think he might even be a top 10 receiver even with bad QB play. Then not just QB he has been stuck with Washington team has not been good at all. But If Washington can find a way to get a good QB throwing to Terry he can go off and improve not just being a top 10 receiver maybe a top 7 or top 5 receiver.

Marquise Brown:

Brown is a fast receiver he is a deep threat in my opinion but might not get many receptions off going deep because he has QB Lamar Jackson throwing to him who is a good QB but wouldn't say is a good deep ball thrower. Lamar isn't like a Russell Wilson throwing deep QB. But Brown can play don't here his name as much as DK or terry for some reason but he has any potential any young receiver would have.

Justin Jefferson:

Jefferson is the best rookie receiver this year I don't think he is gonna have the best career out of all the rookie receivers but he is the best for now. Most people are saying he is going to win rookie of the year he is on race for it with Chargers QB Justin Herbert. Even with receiver Adam Thielen being the Vikings best receiver in the past but for right now this year Jefferson has probably been there best receiver. It is really big that Jefferson played good this year because in the offseason the Vikings lossed star receiver Stefon Diggs so Jefferson filled his place and balled out. I am a Huge fan of the dance Jefferson does when he scores a TD with his arms it is on of my favs some may night like it but It looks pretty cool.

:Justin Jefferson Dance

Cee Dee Lamb:

Cee Dee is probably my favorite rookie receiver he represents number 88 the previous person to where 88 who played for Cowboys was Dez Bryant. Just Maybe Cee Dee can ball out and become Dez and give Cowboys fans a full on superstar receiver. I mean like full on Dez Bryant was a beast for the Cowboys. Cee Dee by being part of the Cowboys makes there offense more scary there are already receivers Cooper and Gaullup for the Cowboys adding Cee Dee makes defensives look out for them more. Cee Dee got a good future I am exited to keep watching Cee Dee.

That is my list on young receivers with futures years to come! There are plenty of other young receivers I could have Mentioned like Chase Claypool, Darnell Mooney, Henry Ruggs, Jerry Jeudy and much more but I only wanted to mention some of my main ones. So Thank You for reading my article and let me know what you think!

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