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Pressing the panic button on Yankees baseball

On Aug. 1, 2022, the New York Yankees claimed win number 70, and sat atop the AL East with a 12 game lead over the second place Toronto Blue Jays. But since that win, the Yankees have had a record of 14-22, embarrassingly allowing division foes to climb back into the race for the division crown. Is it time to panic on the Yanks?

The Short Answer

Maybe. The Yankees are obviously, struggling to levels which not even Yankee haters can fully comprehend. Since August 2, Gleyber Torres has had a .503 OPS, Josh Donaldson has had a 28.2 K%, Frankie Months has had a 4.52 FIP. Not to mention Aaron Hicks and his struggles, along with a decline in  production from DJ LeMahieu and Isiah Kiner-Falefa being a pain to watch. How could you forget about the injury woes as well, with Yankees players dropping like flies. 

But, Aaron Judge has found a way to still be Aaron Judge. He quite literally has been the teams only offensive production since the beginning of August, continuing his MVP level campaign. With Judge in the lineup they obviously have a chance to win games, and if the young pieces they call up can produce even to an average level, it will be an improvement to the lineup. Also the team is waiting on Clay Holmes and the rest of the bullpen to find its groove again, and once it does it will be a force once again.

So the short answer, the Yanks need to put in some work but fans should have their hands hovering over the panic button. 

Necessary Adjustments 

There are some very important moves Boone needs to make if he wants to have a bye week going in the postseason. 

1. LET THE KIDS PLAY – There is no reason IKF should be starting over Oswald Peraza or Oswaldo Cabrera at this point in the season. The same thing can be said about Aaron Hicks, give Estevan Florial the starting job instead. This team needs a shake up, and bringing up young talent is meant to do that, not ride the bench. 

2. STAY HEALTHY – Obviously injuries are sometimes unavoidable, but this is almost a new low for the Yankees, one they haven’t seen since 2020. The Yankees need to field a better lineup behind Aaron Judge, and part of that is staying healthy. With that, the bullpen needs to find its way to full health again as well. 

3. JUDGE KEEPS RAKING – The Yankees need Judge to continue to rise to the occasion. He essentially is the run support for his starting pitchers, without him hitting this well the season would already be over. Keep him in the lineup, at all costs. 

4. JUST PLAY BETTER – Duh. But this Yankees team has one of the highest pay rolls in all of baseball, all of it needs to start showing up to play baseball. This team looks unenthusiastic, and quite literally depressing. The Yanks need to find their grooves now, the clock is ticking.