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QB Role in Fantasy Football 🎯🎯🎯


One thing you must remember during your Fantasy Drafts is that the QB is an important piece ♟ on your roster, the anchor of your team. You can get a beast at QB in Rounds 4-6, or even wait until late rounds and still get a decent guy. DON’T DRAFT A QB IN FIRST 3 ROUNDS… wondering why? Just as an example: Last season many people in a desperate mode targeted Lamar Jackson in Round 2, probably because he finished as QB1 the year before or something similar, what happened… he finished 10th in Fantasy points among Quarterbacks, while guys like Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, had more points than Lamar and you can easily get those guys in Rounds 4-6, and get a decent RB/WR in Round 2.

Here are four Quarterbacks that can be your ace guy this season, a guy with good Fantasy production, good weapons, that you can target in rounds 4-6:

Justin Herbert, LAC ⚡️
Dak Prescott, DAL 🤠
Russell Wilson, SEA 🌊🦅
Josh Allen, BUF 🦬

Here are four guys that you can target in late rounds or even pick as Undrafted Free Agents, depending on your league size that can be decent starters or even an elite tier backup:

Matt Ryan, ATL 🦅
Ryan Tannehill, TEN ⚔️
Matthew Stafford, LAR 🐏
Carson Wentz, IND 🐴

Why these guys:

Ryan has finished as QB2 in Fantasy points twice in the last five seasons, finished at most as QB15 in the other three. 25+ TDs in 4/5 of the last seasons and 20 TDs in the other one. He has decent wideouts and not consistent RBs…

Tannehill… last year finished as QB7 in Fantasy Points, he can be a decent starter, huge upside, he can be the guy you use to cover your starter’s BYE week, and you can get him in mid/late rounds. Great weapons.

Matt Stafford and Carson Wentz are undervalued Quarterbacks in a new team, they both have good offensive lines. They both had 17-18 AVG points, so you can get them as a big steal and can be good for your teams this season. You can also include Joe Burrow in there.