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Quarterbacks who’s jobs are on the line

NFL Quarterbacks jobs that are on the line this season. There is a good amount of young starting struggling Quarterbacks that are in the NFL right now and a lot of there jobs are on the line this season. Some of these Quarterbacks that are young that are struggling sometimes it is not there fault. A lot of them are put into horrible situations have nothing to work with then do terrible with it then every one blames the Quarterback because he is the main position. That kinda sucks but that is just how it works. Not all of the Quarterbacks with there jobs on the line are young most are but some not. There is a lot of pressure on you when you have one last season to prove yourself it can easily get into your head because there is a lot at stake. There have been Quarterbacks in the past who came out of college as studs and had talent but careers just ruined and just get completely forgotten about. That is because there put on a bad team then do bad everyone thinks there a bust forget about them and never get a job again That is what some young Quarterbacks with there jobs on the line right now are going threw. That has happened to quarterbacks like Deshone Kizer, Josh Rosen and much more. So enough about how Quarterbacks jobs are on the line Let’s start the article NFL Quarterbacks with there jobs on the line this season.

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Daniel Jones:

Daniel Jones I am not that big a fan of this guy. I don’t think many people are a fan of Jones on social media he is made fun of a lot. He has struggled in his first 2 years in the NFL but not all of it is fully his fault. The stuff he has to work with is pretty trash like one of the worst offensive lines maybe even the worst. His receiver core is decent but not like he has all the weapons in the world like Patrick Mahomes. I really don’t think he will end up being good or end up being a franchise guy or anything but I do think he should be given another chance because last year he didn’t have top 3 running back Saquan Barkley there best player for like the whole season. Also there was a night time football game between Giants Vs Eagles and there was a very crucial throw Daniel Jones made in that game. The ball was thrown to Evan Engram and he dropped it the drop would later impact that game. So a lot of the time it is his team screwing him over. But I am pretty sure the Giants started this season like 1-5 or something then went on a tear to win 3-4 games in a row to get themselves back into contention and Daniel Jones helped that which I will say pretty great but a lot of that was Giants defense. So after all of that Giants missing Saquan the Evan Engram drop and starting 1-5 and still being 1 game out of the playoffs Daniel Jones for sure deserves another chance. It is crazy to thing maybe if Evan Engram caught that ball vs the Eagles they could have made the playoffs. I am not totally sold on Jones actually doing well next season even with Saquan coming back because he can be pretty trash and has horrible decision making but we will see. 

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Cam Newton:

A lot of people are saying Cam Newton is washed and isn’t good and should just give up and retire. Last year Cam Newton might have been the worst Quarterback his stats can show you. But Cam even said he isn’t going to retire right now he said his pride won’t let him retire on such a bad year like that. I know Cam is a little washed and for sure isn’t what he used to be because he was amazing on the Panthers especially 2015 year where he won MVP award. But Cam deserves another chance last season Pats actually started there season off pretty good And Cam looked pretty decent. But then Cam ended up getting Covid and that messed things up because right after he got back from Covid he wasn’t the same it is crazy as soon as he got Covid that is when things got bad he was doing fine before. So since he is starting again this season I highly doubt he will get Covid and nothing will mess up his season and he will stay good the whole year. But to the Pats whole offense Cam doesn’t really have offense to work with a lot of it isn’t really him being the problem some of it is but not all of it is. Because Cam doesn’t really have that many weapons to throw to like I can’t really think of anyone he had Julian Edelman but now he has retired so the offense isn’t even giving him anything. Plus Cam isn’t really a Pats type Quarterback how could the Pats team expect him to shine in a system where his Quarterback play doesn’t even go around the Pats. The pats Quarterbacks are usually not really that fast of Quarterbacks who are pocket passers like Tom Brady. And Cam is the complete opposite of that he is mobile and slides out of the pocket and roles out. So some things Cam doesn’t really have help no offensive weapons that fit him and isn’t a Pats type Quarterback. But this man deserves another chance last year he was like the worst Quarterback and the Pats still went 7-9 a lot because of there defense and there outstanding coach you all know. So if Cam was the worst Quarterback last year and Pats still go 7-9 imagine what there record will be if he can at least be average. They can make the playoffs all he has to do is be decent and he has saved his job. I have trust in Cam going into the season.

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Jimmy Garoppolo: 

Jimmy G was mostly injured just this season. It was a rough year for the 49ers with injuries there whole team was injured. But they still found a way to go like 6-10 which ain’t bad for having all your starting players out. But with Jimmy G I don’t even know if he will have a job this season I have heard 49ers are aiming for Justin Fields in the draft this year. But even if they do draft Fields I still do think they will have Jimmy G as there starter for week 1. Because they are not just going to draft a rookie Quarterback with know experience and start him week 1 they might sit him for a year or a couple games and have him learn. So Jimmy G will for sure have his chance and I trust him I know he had a bad year because he was injured a lot and even when he was in he was trash this season on the field. But I think people are starting to forget just one super bowl ago Jimmy G was playing in that super bowl and lead the 49ers to a great year. He lead the 49ers that great year when they had all there weapons and know injuries great defense and some offense to work around. Next season that is all coming back everyone this year will all be back from injuries and the whole squad will be back not all of them but there team is going to be good. But the season that just happen Jimmy G didn’t have his weapons and that is why he did so bad in order for Jimmy G to do good he has to have his stacked team around him and he didn’t have that in the season that just happened but he will this year. So I think him being fully healthy now having his team back he will shine as there starter. Last season the 49ers went through like 3 different bum Quarterbacks and still lead themselves to 6-10 having Jimmy G could bring them to playoffs if not Jimmy then maybe Fields.

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Tua Tagovailoa:

This might be Tua’s only chance to prove he is the Dolphins guy. I think it really sucks he only gets a year and a half to prove himself. Tua only played 9 games this season and everyone is already calling him a bust like come on give the guy a chance playing 9 games as a rookie is nothing that’s like no experience either. I think since Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow were both in his draft class Herbert and Burrow started playing good quickly everyone expects Tua to do the same. Yes Tua might not develop as fast as Herbert and Burrow also might not ever be as good as them but he will take time and be good. But most people just don’t understand that so this is going to be Tua’s only year to prove he can be the Dolphins guy I am not totally sure if he will breakout this year or not because he isn’t fully experienced and has pressure on him as a young guy. I am not saying he is a bust but with the over hate he is getting and the situation he is in for his team and his experience I don’t know if Dolphins will trust him if he doesn’t breakout. What the Dolphins should do is give him more than one year but they don’t understand same with the fans so this is only Tua’s year to prove himself. But Tua isn’t gonna start like in week 5 like he did last year he is freshly starting in week 1 this year fresh clean year and maybe starting out be being the starter with his team and knowing he is starting week 1 that may prepare him more and help. Also with the hate that he gets that is probably motivating him it would motivate me for sure if I was in his position let’s see what happens.

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Drew Lock:

Drew Lock has struggled through his young career. But he is young and is still devolping and Broncos just came off a season where there were so many injuries so he didn’t have anything to work with this year. And that injury season for the Broncos Lock was hurt a lot as well he didn’t play in every game there was a point where Broncos had no Quarterback to put in so they had a receiver run Quarterback for a game. Even with pretty much having the most injury’s in the NFL Broncos still managed a 5 win season so if Lock is in all of next year maybe they can make the wild card. But Lock just doesn’t have the experience yet he has only played 18 games and in those 18 games he has had 23 touchdowns and 18 interceptions so that is an average of 1 interception a game that is a little concerning. But like I said he has barely played more than a full season he needs to adjust I think in a couple years he can be fully adjusted but this upcoming year being his last chance with the Broncos I just don’t think his Quarterback game is ready to have a breakout year to save his job. So I am not so sure about him but I don’t know he might suprise me.

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That is my article on Quarterbacks who’s jobs are on the line this season! These takes and situations these Quarterbacks are in are pretty interesting and exiting to see how they handle things next season. Thanks so much for reading and let me know who you think will clutch up and save there job and who won’t let me Know!