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Raiders Future with the firing of McDaniels

     Last night, the Raiders fired their head coach Josh McDaniels and GM Dave Ziegler. Later on the following morning they fired their offensive coordinator Mick Lombardi. It is clear the Raiders are clearing house and potentially rebuilding, while also benching Jimmy Garoppolo. The Raiders acquired Jimmy G this past off season from the San Francisco 49ers. The Raiders also acquired Davente Adams from Green Bay last season to play with Derek Carr, who they waived this past off season. The real question though everyone is wondering, is what does this Raiders rebuild potentially look like, and how long wi ll it last. 

     With the Raiders entering rebuild mode, the main thing to target is talent. The Raiders lack talent in some key positions but mainly QB. Their biggest option for QB could either be Kirk Cousins this off season, or trading up in the draft for a potential Drake Maye or Bo Nix. The Raiders lack early round draft picks though. They only have 1 pick in each round except the 7th (3 picks) totaling 9 picks. what makes this all worse is the trade deadline ended yesterday, and lost the opportunity to get some picks. Some easy trade targets could have been Hunter Renfrow,  or even Davente Adams since he is not happy with the team and their offense is done for the year with Jimmy benched. 

     Another key rebuilding factor for the Raiders though is the head coach and GM. The McDaniels era did not go well, and the front office of the Raiders also made some questionable decisions. With that being said, the decision on who this team hires as the head coach and GM is the most important one, even more then draft picks and talent. Dan Campbell lacked talent his his first season in Detroit, but with it being Dan Campbell they made a 360 turn and are current top contenders in the NFC. 

     All in all, my title mentions what the future is with the firing of McDaniels, and to answer that I will say its not looking good. On the bright side with or without McDaniels it was going to be ugly, but with these changes it might just be a little bit better. 

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  1. Nice summary. Got a lot of high hopes for the Raiders. What a home stadium! But right now another team in search of a QB. I like Jimmy G, but he just got paid so we know how that goes. Downhill.