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recap of the Bears game

A good win for the Chicago Bears! Their first win of the season is against the Cincinnati Bengals! This was a classic Chicago Bears game hard-fought defensive game and very low scoring with some grinding out running with a running back which today was David Montgomery. The Bears have a history of being a run-the-ball smash-mouth game. That is exactly what they have been doing handing the ball off to stud David Montgomery who is looking like a bear’s historical running back you would see in the 1980’s he just bashes through the lines and breaks so many tackles. There were a lot of good things out of today’s game this win made me happy but there were some flaws in this game that got under my skin and a lot of weird stuff happened. In this game, all sorts of things happened so it makes my feeling a little confused about the win today. But I am going to go through and recap some of the things that happened today and what are my thoughts on these things.

                          David Montgomery breaking tackles:

Cincinnati Bengals lose 20-17 against the Chicago Bears

Our defense looked like the 2018 Bears:

Our defense today was on clamps!! It looked a lot like our 2018 defense we looked like the best defense in the NFL. The whole game we played so steady no big plays no broken tackles by the other team for big yards besides on one play which was a deep ball touchdown pass to Ja’mmar Chase but I will get into that later. I can’t believe how much our defense bounced back from last week. Last week our defense looked terrible and today we looked like the best defense in the NFL. I don’t how things could change just like that everything we did wrong last week on defense we did right this week on defense. Against the Rams, Stafford had zero pressure and had all day to throw and was hitting people deep all day long. The Rams didn’t even have to try to score it was just handed to them with how bad our defense was. But today when the Bengals wanted to score they had to work for it and they had to work hard just to get the first down Because our defensive line was in Joe Burrow’s face all day!! Superstar defensive player Khalil Mack had two big sacks and defensive linemen, Robert Quinn, having a sack today. But our corners were good to every pass they threw was contested even the passes the Bengals caught they had some in their face. But other than the play where Joe Burrow threw an easy deep ball to Ja’mmar Chase and burned two of our safety’s after he caught it things were great. Today I loved the defense and I’m proud of those studs.

Bears OLB Robert Quinn in 'happy place' with another sack vs. Bengals -  Chicago Sun-Times

Roquan Smith’s pick-six was huge!!:

This is another part of the defense. All defensive players today played great I don’t really think too many people on defense played badly everyone was amazing. But one player did something that stood out more than any other defensive player and that player is Roquan Smith. In this game, Roquan got the clutches pick-six!! With the Bengals only down by a score of 10-3 driving down the field quarterback, Joe Burrow threw a horribly placed ball right into Roquan Smith’s hands. Like this throw was horrible right after that Roquan ran the whole way to the in zone and the last person to try to stop him was Joe Burrow and Roquan Smith ran him right over. That was a bad play for Burrow threw the pick and got ran over in the same play that’s tough. But guess what that’s not it right after that the Chicago Bears got two picks in a row!! Counting the Roquan Smith pick they got 3 picks in a row that is insane you will rarely ever see something like that ever again. But all three of those interceptions were special because first off Roquan Smith’s pick-six was the game clincher if he didn’t do that we probably would have lost. Then the second one was very special because Jaylon Johnson picked that one off and got his first career interception. To the last one, everyone always finds these funny a big boy offensive linemen got an interception!! It’s always super funny when that happens and special because defensive linemen never get the chance to get interceptions. 

Column: Chicago Bears defense looks like its old self again - Chicago  Tribune

The penalty’s we put on ourselves was ridiculous:

There were some very stupid penalties we put on ourselves usually when people get pissed off about penalty’s is when their team is none stop holding or doing a face mask. But no our’s were even dumber. They would always be on 3rd down and were stupid taunting calls I know the taunting calls in football these days are so dumb and soft but we should know better. There was a 3rd downplay where we stopped them on 3rd down and could have gotten a really good field position. But after a dropped pass by receiver Ja’mmar Chase, one of the bear’s cornerbacks looked down at him and started clapping in his face, and got called a flag for taunting. So then that gave the Bengals a free first down just for our guy clapping. But the Bengals did not end up scoring that drive they got a couple more first downs then punted in the mid-field you see that is a stupid mistake playoff teams don’t do stuff like that. If it wasn’t for our guy trash talking we could have got the ball punted to us at mid-field but due to the taunting, the Bengals had more offense time punted us to around the 10. Its small stuff like that can cause you games just certain field positions it just shows how hard it is to win games. This next one I am talking about makes me even more pissed than the other one it’s about 3rd and 15 and quarterback Joe Burrow scrambles out and has no one open so he just runs out of bounce not to risk a pass. But Robert Quinn makes a dumb mistake when Joe Burrow takes a couple of steps out of bounce Robert Quinn decides to shove him down there is no point in doing something dumb like that. First off he is already out of bounce so shoving him won’t change anything and also even if he wasn’t outta bounce yet he is going to get out of bounce anyways so there is no point in even trying anything on him it won’t do anything. The thing you would know is if you’re going to shove someone smaller than you there going to flop and act like it was dirty so you know what your getting yourself into Robert Quinn knows better than that and that play was flat-out stupid.

          Bears taunting Ja’mmar Chase:                    

Bears tailgaters back in their element: 'This is part of what makes the  whole experience. It's not just the game.'

                       Joe Burrow sideline hit:

Highlight] Robert Quinn "Knocks" Joe Burrow Out Of Bounds. 15 Yard  Penalty.: nfl

 The starting quarterback job is still questionable:

Today both Andy Dalton and Justin Fields played Dalton basically only played in the 1st quarter. He looked pretty good he had all day to throw he was hitting receivers that were open wasn’t making any dumb passes and was playing great against his former team. But then on a play where he was running out of bounce to avoid a sack he rolled his ankle. The thing about was he didn’t even take a hit he just turned his ankle wrong running. He tried to play a couple of snaps after that ankle injury but you can tell he wasn’t himself out there he looked like he was in pain and wasn’t throwing well. So they bring in Justin Fields and I wouldn’t say he played that great he did enough to get the job done which I am happy about but he didn’t do anything exciting and had some rookie mistakes. He took a sack and got stripped but jumped on the ball to prevent a turnover I saw him make some bad incompletions he had a couple of good hits but a lot of misses. Some of the misses he had I thought weren’t his fault he had a deep ball pass to superstar receiver Allen Robinson it was perfect ball placement but Robinson just dropped it and I was shocked to see someone like him drop a ball like that. Then Fields had another dropped pass by another one of his receivers it was Darnell Mooney. Mooney was running a route to the left side of the field and Fields threw it to him and Mooney barely dropped it by his fingertips. The ball was a little bit far out but I think Mooney should have caught it. So some drops Weren’t Field’s fault at all. But everyone is saying Fields has such a good IQ and is NFL ready I think both of those things are true but today’s game proves he still has some rookie flaws and isn’t fully in the NFL zone. He got strip-sacked and threw a crucial pick to the Bengals linebacker it was a terrible throw I’ll give him a break because he is a rookie but the placement to where the receiver was terrible. But Fields did get lots of help when he was in because every time he was in he was playing in the red zone because the bear’s defense handed everything to him by getting 3 picks! So if Dalton were in there I think we would have won too because of our lockdown defense. So Dalton didn’t get hurt he would have been doing the same stuff Fields was doing and probably would have won so I think the injury is blowing Dalton’s chance and is unfair and Dalton should start week 3.

Reviewing how Justin Fields and Andy Dalton performed in Bears camp

That is my Bears game recap! I really enjoyed this article a lot this recap is very interesting a lot of things to be thinking about a lot of weird stuff that happened in today’s game I’m just glad we got our first win let me know what you think about the Andy Dalton and Justin Fields situation? Let me know if you think our defense will continue to play like this because if it does we can be really scary to a lot of teams. Let me know I am curious on your guy’s thoughts but no matter what happens like always bear down!!!!