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Hugh Golub

Hugh Golub

Reds Lose In A Game That Shouldn’t Have Happened

The Reds lead the Diamondbacks 4-3 going into the top of the 8th inning. Tejay Antone (as he typically does) threw a beautiful scoreless 7th inning and was back on the mound for the 8th. Then the rain came. Antone allows his first run of the season off a 2-1 count from Andrew Young. As it starts raining cats and dogs the game is now tied. The Reds now bring in lefty Amir Garrett to try and get the job done. He in fact, does the opposite by allowing to runners on base at second and third. The Reds then bring in their third pitcher of the game, Lucas Sims. The Reds then get their first out of the game and it looks like the damage might have been done. Spoiler alert it wasn’t. Lucas Sims couldn’t get a grip on the ball and who can really blame him. The second batter that he faces he hits with a slider. Sims is quoted as saying the following, “I thought there was a lot of safety issues. … I don’t know when the last time I’ve hit a right-hander with a slider,” Sims said. “Yeah, I was concerned.” Sims then kept pitching threw these trecherous conditions and walked the next batter meaning that the runner that was at third then got to go home. The D-Backs then lead the game 5-4. Now Sims asked the umpire for a new ball and threw it to the side claiming it was too wet…and he did it again…and again… and again. All four of the balls the umpire handed were all soaking wet and not able to be used. The game was eventually halted but not after the damage had been done. The game was finished the next day with the Diamondbacks being the victors. The game most definitely should’ve been halted sooner and it’s a real same it wasn’t. Nonetheless the Reds continue today on the 21st of April for another game against the D-Backs.