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Reviewing the Mountaineers’ Non-conference Schedule

Game One; @ PITT

    This was not a disappointing game for the Mountaineers. Our offense played very well and our defense showed out in some spots, but we could just not execute. This first game showed our team has lots of potential in talent. There were lots of spots however where the coaching did not blend with that. Transfer quarterback JT Daniels played a great game in his debut. Throwing great passes to receivers Bryce Ford-Wheaton, Kaden Prather, and Sam James. While on the ground, freshman TE/RB CJ Donaldson Jr. and Tony Mathis were annihilating the competition, combining for 196 yards. The only real costly play from this offense was the pick six that gave the Panthers a 38-31 lead over the Mountaineers. The defense was inconsistent, making a stop one drive, letting up a 50 yard slant the next. 


Game Two; vs TOWSON

     Facing an easy opponent after coming off a loss to the Kansas Jayhawks is a bit of a relief. Both sides of the ball were unstoppable. Four different quarterbacks came in to play against the Tigers. Junior JT Daniels started the game, sophomore Garrett Greene replaced him halfway through the second quarter. Then two end the game, Will “Goose” Crowder and freshman Nicco Marchiol played about seventeen minutes combined. CJ Donaldson and Tony Mathis once again put on a show, combining for FIVE touchdowns, and 205 yards. The defense dominated as well, giving up no points, whilst the first time that Towson kick returner D’ago Hunter touched the ball he returned it to the house for a 97 yard touchdown. Giving them their only score in a 65-7 Mountaineers win.



    Our best win, we started a little slow but when we picked it up, WE PICKED IT UP. A great game all around, JT balled out AGAIN, the Hokies secondary couldn’t stop freshman receiver Kaden Prather, six catches for 69 yards. The running game exploded again, proving to be one of the best running back rooms in the Big 12 and/or college football. Now adding sophomore Justin Johnson Jr. to the mix, the trio combined for 227 yards, and Johnson scored a touchdown at the start of the fourth quarter. This will go down as one of our best P5 defensive games of the season, allowing 10 points to rivals Virginia Tech is very impressive for the Mountaineers, and definitely a step in the right direction. The defensive line was held up but was still able to put a great deal of pressure on Hokies quarterback Grant Wells, but only one sack coming from Taijh Alston. The defensive line did their part, and the secondary did theirs to further extent. Allowing one touchdown through the air, 193 yards, and nineteen incompletions. As well as the game sealing pick six from freshman Jacolby Spells. Making the game 33-10 in West Virginia’s favor.