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MLB Journalist

MLB Journalist

Rob Manfred Hates Baseball- MLB Lockout

  The first scheduled Spring Training game is less than 40 days away and yet the MLB is still stuck in a lockout actively killing the growth of the game. The most recent CBA  which is the agreement between the players union and the MLB expired on December 2nd. Since the CBA expired the two sides have only had TWO discussions in a month and a half with one of the meeting lasting just 7 minuets and ended in a screaming match. The relationship between the players union and Rob Manfred is bad to the point where this lockout will most likely delay the start of the season and neither side seems to care much about ending the lockout.


    This lockout of the MLB Is the worst thing to happen to baseball in a long time. The sport was growing at such as fast pace due to emerging young stars like Tatis Jr/Juan Soto and Acuna Jr. Rob Manfred is heavily ostracized because of thigs he’s done and said in the past for example Rob Manfred in the wake of the Astros cheatings scandal  Rob stated that the commissioners trophy is “just a piece of medal” or before the 2020 season he said “Unequivocally we are going to play Major League Baseball this year,” and then a week later he comes out and says “I’m not confident. I think there’s real risk; and as long as there’s no dialogue, that real risk is gonna continue,”. The fans, Players Union and Players are all unconfident that Rob Manfred is capable of running the League.

Overall This lockout is killing all momentum that the MLB had and having a lockout when the sport was thriving like it was this past season Is irresponsible on both Rob and the Players union. If the MLB doesn’t find a way out of this lockdown and fast, Than the MLB and the sport of baseball as a whole could be in jeopardy.  



  1. Sucks that the MLB is plagued by a poor commish. Great article and analysis. MLB needs to reach an agreement ASAP. Also, no need to indent on paragraphs, I know we were taught that in school but it’s not necessary in sports writing