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Noah Weitzel

Noah Weitzel

Russell Westbrook ended a historic streak by Stephen Curry

Yes, the Washington Wizards won the blockbuster Russell Westbrook – John Wall trade.

Two of the top point guards in the NBA: Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook went at it on Wednesday. Curry entered the game looking to extend his historic streak, but Russell Westbrook said otherwise. Curry came in averaging 40 points in his previous 11 games while shooting 49.7% from behind the arc.  

“Steph’s been on a hot streak, he’s been playing really well and I took the challenge to start the game to make sure he didn’t continue his streak on us tonight,” Westbrook mentioned.

Westbrook was of course assigned to guard the Warriors superstar. Russ penetrated Steph — closing his three-point shootout and forcing contact. The Wizards as a team knew how to end Curry’s wild streak. Curry ended up scoring 18 points and shot 2 for 14 from three — which was one of Curry’s worst shooting nights this season, ending his streak of 11 straight games with at least 30 points. 

Westbrook ended up getting the better of Stephen Curry on both sides of the floor recording 20 rebounds, 14 points, and 10 assists. “Russ made it his mission and his challenge tonight to make things tough for Steph,” his co-star Bradley Beal said.

Late in the fourth, where the toughest of the battle kicked off, Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook attacked the basket — making an epic comeback. The Wizards ended up victorious, 114-118 — building a six-game win streak.

Washington bounces themselves into the play-in tournament at the 10th seed in the Eastern Conference, behind Indiana, Charlotte, and Miami. Washington may not make it to the official one through seven playoff picture, but there is a slim chance they’ll jump up to No. 8 — If they continue their defensive pressure. Russell Westbrook is a key piece to Washington’s chances:

“My job changes every night and I feel like I’m one of those players that if I need to defend at a high level, I can do that, too. If I need to score at a high level, I can do that. Pass, I can do that. Rebound, I can do that. You want me to coach? S—, I can do that, too. I just feel like I can do everything.”


  1. I love seeing the quotes of the players. A very professional article. These are the type of games GSW needs to win if Curry wants to win MVP. If you can’t beat a mediocre team, then you don’t deserve to have the MVP.