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Sam Ehlinger Named Colts Starting Quarterback

Sam Ehlinger has been named starter as Matt Ryan has a grade 2 separated shoulder, per Zak Keeper, the decision is regardless of Ryan’s injury as it was going to be done anyways. Barstool Indy loves this guy just because he excelled in the preseason, it’s the preseason, I don’t know why they love him so much, he was above average at Texas, wow I’m so impressed, an above average quarterback won a bowl game at a school who prides themselves as being a football school yet they can’t crack a playoff. I can’t say I am excited, I’m intrigued at how Ehlinger can do, he did excel in the preseason but I don’t see much weight in that, Jacob Eason was awesome in the preseason and the Colts were saying he was their future guy and remember when he came in to relieve Carson Wentz against the Rams? He looked like a deer in headlights, like he had never touched a football before, I hope Ehlinger turns into one of the all time greats and he plays another 20 seasons in Indy but it’s not like we have seen a ton of Ehlinger competing in high level competition. Lets talk stats, in 46 collegiate games at Texas, Sam threw for 11,436 yards, 94 touchdowns and 27 interceptions on a 145 rating. For comparison, Peyton Manning had a 147.1 rating on 11,201 yards, 89 touchdowns and 33 interceptions in 45 collegiate games, wow. Maybe I am wrong about this guy, although he did not play in the SEC, those numbers are still wow. It’s not surprising that the Colts made this move with Ryan’s performance on Sunday, the pic-6 and interception on back to back drives would understandably upset Jimmy in the booth. I think right now all we can say is, go Colts and lets get ready for the Commies.