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Griffin Davies-Wocasek

Griffin Davies-Wocasek

Steelers TE Eric Ebron might miss the rest of the season

Eric Ebron will more than likely undergo knee surgery and miss the rest of the 2021 season.

When the Steelers signed Eric Ebron in the 2020 offseason, the idea was he would contribute heavily to the growing offense. In reality, he hasn’t seemed to be worth the $12 million the Steelers have paid him over the last two years. Ebron’s stats in the 2020 season weren’t bad, he totaled 56 catches, 588 yards, and 5 touchdowns. But he did drop 7 passes and they were catchable passes. So far in 2021, he dropped one pass but has missed a couple of others, and after last year and his lack of production when on the field during this season had Steeler Nation calling for rookie TE Pat Freiermuth. Ebron has had a much quieter season with only 12 catches for 84 yards and 2 touchdowns(1 rushing) over 8 games. Eric was still valuable to Pittsburgh in the way of depth and an extra body on run plays and did make some catches from time to time.

The Steelers will turn to the 2nd-round pick for their tight end needs and during Ebron’s short absence, Freiermuth took the fanbase by storm and made the nickname “Muth” popular outside of Pittsburgh. The Steelers haven’t had a good tight end since Heath Miller, and Pat Freiermuth seems to be a second-coming of the Steeler legend. For Ebron, his time in Pittsburgh has probably come to an end as he will be a free agent in the offseason and will be 29-years old before the 2022 season starts, and the Steelers have two tight ends who work well together on cheap contracts/rookie contracts.