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Steelers VS Jets *Matchup Preview*

(Matchup Preview)


The Jets are off to Acrisure Stadium to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both teams have had their struggles as they both have a 1-2 Record heading into this Sunday Matchup. So, today we will be taking a deeper look into positional matchups and be predicting who we think can come out on top of this Sunday game. 

First things first, we will be taking a look into the quarterback matchup. First up, let’s take a look at the Jets starting Quarterback, which will be Zach Wilson making his return. This will be Zach Wilson’s first time playing with the team, since he had suffered his knee injury in his preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Zach Wilson is heading into his second year as an NFL player and a New York Jet. Last season, Wilson certainly had his struggles in his rookie year. Wilson was unable to get a QB Rating of over 100.0 during the 13 games he started. He was also unable to get a completion rate of over 70.0%. Wilson’s last start as a Jet was in the last game of the 2021 season, when he faced off against the Buffalo Bills. This was possibly his worst game of last season as he only put up a career low 35% completion rate. He was also sacked 8 TIMES! and had a 66.0 QB rating. Although Zach struggled, he didn’t throw a single interception in his last 5 starts. Needless to say, the Jets will need to do a better job of protecting Wilson, especially considering the Steelers pass rush has some good talent in Cam Heyward, Alex Highsmith and more. The jets should catch a break with TJ Watt not playing, and Minkah Fitzpatrick being questionable as he goes through concussion protocol. Also, Wilson will have to be more accurate if he wants to take the win against this hungry Steelers team. Now let’s take a look at the Steelers Quarterback situation.


Although the Jets don’t have a great quarterback situation, the Steelers don’t look much better themselves. The Steelers have really been struggling on offense, despite all of their talented players. Part of the offensive struggle for the Steelers has not only been the Steelers offensive line, but also has been “Money” Mitch Trubisky (Steelers Quarterback). Mitch has only thrown for 569 yards so far throughout 3 games of the seasons. Mitch has a 77.7 QB Rating so far through the season. He also has a 60.2% completion rate, but he has thrown a bunch of check downs so far. Mitch has also not thrown a single touchdown to any of his wide receivers. Mitch has struggled, but he has had some positives. He has thrown one interception, and has not been scared to run, as he has tucked it and ran 6 times and already has a rushing touchdown on the season. With that being said, Mitch will need to use his offensive weapons better if he wants to put points on the board against this Jets team and in the Future to win games.


Next up, we will be taking a look into the Wide Receiver VS Cornerback Matchups.


The main matchup I want to take a look at will be Diontae Johnson VS “Sauce” Gardner. Diontae Johnson has easily been Trubisky’s top target throughout the first two weeks, and Sauce will need to lock him up. Although Diontae has not found the endzone, he has 21 catches for almost 200 yards. Diontae has been showing off his hands already this season, and has also averaged 9.3 yards per catch. Don’t get me wrong, Diontae has been great through the first 3 weeks, but the rookie corner has looked special in his first 3 NFL games. Gardner is yet to get his first interception, but part of that problem is that quarterbacks haven’t been throwing it his way. Gardner has not allowed many catches, and has looked great in coverage so far. He has 4 passes defended, which is not much lower than the passes thrown his way. This will be a very fun matchup to watch on Sunday, to see if Diontae can show off his route running, or maybe even Gardner could get his first interception against a struggling Steelers offense.


Finally we will take a look into the Runningback/O-line VS Defense Matchups. 

First, we will start with the Steelers offense VS the Jets defense. The Steelers O-line has only allowed 5 sacks, despite not looking great through the first 3 weeks of the season. Also, the Jets defense has been around the middle of the pack with 5 sacks on the season. But, we aren’t here to looks at sacks, we are here to look at the rushing defense. Although, it doesn’t get any prettier for the Jets, as their rushing defense has not looked great in their first 3 games. Especially when they let Nick Chubb “house” 3 touchdowns in Week 2. But then they did bounce back, not allowing the Bengals get much on the ground, even though Joe Mixon left during the game. Although, they will be facing a much weaker Steelers O-line. Also, Najee Haris and Jaylen Warren already have a fumble each, while having one turn out as a turnover. 

Next, let’s look at the Jets offense VS the Steelers Defense.


The Steelers rushing defense had struggled a lot last season, and has not looked any better. The Steelers defense also had their struggles against Nick Chubb, as he had 113 yards and a touchdown. Also, we can’t forget Kareem Hunt getting it done on the ground against both teams as well. The Steelers also struggled in their first two games, allowing teams to get easy yards, and touchdowns. This should be how the Jets attack the Steelers defense, considering their struggles to stop the run and Zach Wilson returning from an injury. The Jets have had a solid rushing duo in Michael Carter and Breece Hall. Although, neither one has been able to score a touchdown on the run. Also, the Jets have not been run heavy so far, but this game should be a turning point for them. The Steelers do have playmakers on their defense that we can’t forget about, with Myles Jack leading the team in tackles, and Cameron Heyward being on the D-line. With that being said, the matchup on the line or “in the trenches” might decide who will win this game.



After looking through all the details, and matchups for this Sunday game. I will be taking the Steelers to win a somewhat boring matchup, as the two offenses struggle to put up points.


Score – Steelers: 17    /   Jets: 10


Thank you for taking a look into this Sunday Matchup, and hope you all enjoyed! Have a great and Blessed day!