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49ers District

49ers District

The Calm Before the Storm

The 49ers are now sitting back at 0.500 after a lose to Atlanta in simply a bad game

There is really no use in pointing out what happened in yesterdays game, it was a team loss and really a loss plagued with injuries. Injuries that hopefully heal before a daunting 3 game stretch starting off at home for a rematch of Superbowl 54 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs are currently 4-2 and boast one of the best offenses in the league. This won’t be our only struggle, the Chiefs also currently have the 4th best rush defense in the league. This will be a game that the 49ers will heavily have to rely on Jimmy Garoppolo. Our keys to victory will have to be to hold the Chiefs to under 24 and for Jimmy to have 250+ Yards and no turnovers. 

After the Superbowl rematch the 49ers head down to the southern half of the state for their second bout with the Rams. Though we’ve beaten them once the Rams aren’t a team to be looked past. We won’t have to lean on the arm of Jimmy as much and we’ll be able to play this game at our pace, running the ball and chewing up clock. We know how to beat them we just have to replicate it. 

To finish of this three game stretch the 49ers play the Chargers in Levi coming off a bye week. Chargers haven’t lived up to expectations yet but come time for the Sunday night matchup they will more likely then not be back on track. With the chargers having weapons on both sides of the ball this will have to be a team victory. The 49ers will have to be mistake free with no turnovers, missed opportunities to score, and our defense to play like they have all season pre-injuries. 

Overall it will be a tough stretch but it is manageable. The 49ers sit at 0.500 and will need to continue winning to keep our hopes of winning the west alive.