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The Current Day HOF: AL East Edition

Reaching the MLB HOF is the most prestigious accomplishment a player can recieve in the sport, filled with its history, being remembered among the all time greats is a true honor. But which current day players are going to be able to reach the HOF? I picked out the most likely HOFer on each MLB team, and at the end will be ranking them all from most to least likely. This is the AL East Edition, featuring the Red Sox, Blue Jays, Rays, Red Sox, and Orioles. 

Red Sox: SP Chris Sale

The only no doubter in this division is going to be Chris Sale of the Boston Red Sox, who is probably the most prestigious player in the division. Sale has been in the league since 2010, accumulating a 45.3 fWAR in 1672.1 IP. He has a career 3.03 ERA, 2.92 FIP, 2.92 xFIP, 11.08 K/9, 2.08 BB/9, 0.96 HR/9, 2.83 SIERA, and 1.04 WHIP. Now that I got you caught up on the numbers, you can easily see that Sale has been an elite starting pitcher during his tenure in the MLB. Although he has sealed with some injury, in every season but 2020 and 2021 (9 combined G), he played 21 or more games in every season. What doesn’t play to Sale’s advantage is his awards, only compiling 7x All Star appearances and 1 WS (’18 Red Sox). No CY Young award, which normally is a big resume booster for most pitchers HOF cases. Sale did have a 300 strikeout season in 2017, and finished 2nd in CY Young voting. Overall Sale has had a very solid career, and should get voted into Cooperstown when it’s all said and done. 

Yankees: OF/DH Giancarlo Stanton 

Giancarlo Stanton has had a very interesting tenure with the Yankees, that certainly can take him on a path to reach the HOF. The power hitter has accumulated 347 HR in his MLB tenure from 2010-21, with a career 142 wRC+. He slashed .268/.358/.543, with a 42.3 career fWAR. What Stanton has that makes him stand out, is his lustrous MVP season in 2017. Where he slashed .281/.376/.631, had a 158 wRC+, and a 7.3 fWAR, and 59 HRs. He also has 4x All Star appearances and 2x Silver Slugger nominations, with the slugger being considered one of the best of his time. He has dealt with injuries in 2019-20, but other than those two seasons has alway put up 20 or more home runs in every season. Overall, Stanton is a special player, who can definitely reach the HOF if he continues to play well into his later years, and accumulates counting stats. Stanton does have the DH curse, so he definitely isn’t a lock as of right now but if his career plays out in his favor, the hall could be calling. 

Blue Jays: OF George Springer

The Blue Jays are such an interesting team to do for an article like this, because of their incredibly young and talented team. Vladmir Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette are for certain set up for amazing careers, and likely will both be up for consideration for the hall in the next decade or so. But I have to take the most experienced guy that is George Springer, who has had a lot of success at the MLB level. Springer has played 8 seasons in the big leagues, racking up 196 HRs and a career 135 wRC+. He has a 28.9 fWAR, but where he shines compared to his fellow teammates is his awards: 3x All Star, 2x Silver Slugger, ’17 WS Champion, ’17 WS MVP. Although the ’17 WS is covered with controversy and disgust from baseball fans and writers, Alex Rodriguez is a prime example of a hated player changing his image. In my opinion, I think A-Rod will be on a good track to make it in to the HOF, and if he makes it in, ’17 Astros players should have some consideration as well. George Springer, if he can continue into his later 30’s playing well, and racking up counting stats, can definitely make it to the Hall. 

Honorable Mention: 1B Vladmir Guerrero Jr. 

Orioles: Adley Rutschman 

The Orioles are SO BAD that I seriously can’t pick any of the players on their current roster. I’m not putting Rougned Odor or John Means on this, so I’ll give a boring pick for this one. Rutschman is definitely the most promising player the Orioles have had in a while, and being the #1 prospect in baseball, he has certainly a lot of buzz around his name right now. With a 142 wRC+ in AAA ball last year, Adley is primed to get called up this season (if we have a season, yikes), and should have a good first year. The Orioles are really bad though, and if Adley wants to get in he’ll probably want to rack up individual player awards because the Orioles don’t look like they’ll be winning in the near future. But, he definitely has the talent of a HOF player, which no one else on this team has. 

Rays: OF Randy Arozarena 

The Rays, never keep a guy around for long, It’s hard to choose for the Rays because a majority of their good players, they get rid of. Wander Franco is the easy, blatant choice, that it’s almost boring to choose him. So I’ll put in a hot take, and say Randy Arozarena. Arozaerna has already shown a lot of value and he’s only played 3 seasons in the big leagues. With 113 HRs, 133 wRC+, and a 4.3 fWAR, Arozaerna has some ground to make up of course, but he’ll definitely be an interesting candidate if he can play well into his 30’s. We’ve seen what he can do in the postseason as well, and good postseason play should for sure benefit a players candidacy. But with his age, it creates a definite issue for him, but he does already have some awards, with his ROY and ’20 ALCS MVP. So he definitely has a blueprint to create an interesting case for the HOF.