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The Future Of The Orlando’s Coaching

The past few years for the magics coaching hasn’t been the best, and now today Steve Clifford has been let down from his coaching duties. Despite that, the team’s bright young future has an opportunity to be something big. And with that, a new coach in the house which brings the question, who is the Magics next coach? 


Terry Stotts

Former team:Portland 

Coming off a mediocre 1st round exit and a somewhat impressive 42-30 record, Terry was relieved of coaching duties last night in a not so shocking exit. Coming to Orlando he wouldn’t have the talent of Lillard Mccollum and Melo, but a new young core like how he started in Portland with a young Damian Lillard. He wouldn’t be our best option, but one to think about. 


Jason Kidd

Current Team:Lakers Assistant Coach

Despite his recently brought up past with his ex-wife, Jason has still been able to hold a solid spot with the Lakers coaching team, obviously after the disappointing exit to the Suns, the Lakers are going to do some moving around and Jason will most likely being on his way out of LA, knowing that the Blazers and Pacers are also looking for new personnel, we may not get this nor would this be our best option. 


Penny Hardaway

Current Team:Memphis Tigers

In my opinion, Penny is the best option out of all of the coaches involved. Obviously once a Magic player himself he already knows a feel for the team and the area, has had four successful seasons with Memphis with making many NBA players. And an overall liked personality, Penny would be the best option would be with us.


Other than that, those are our main options for the squad. Anyone I missed? Let me know.


  1. I am not sure Stotts or Kidd would want to coach in Orlando because it is gonna be a but of a project. I agree with you in saying that Penny seems like the best choice