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“The Game” 2022 Summary

Don’t take your foot off the gas. That’s all I can say. We had them in the first half, we had the lead, our defense was playing moderately well, 2 broken plays were all that led to them scoring. We also were doing very well on offence, the only thing stopping us there was ourselves. Alot of buckeye fans, myself included, felt great going into the second half. I thought we would make the changes to our coverage so we could stop getting beat deep. Didn’t happen. JJ went 12/24, and 263 yards passing. Stroud on the other hand accounted for 349 yards through the air and went 31/48. The running game by the wolverines is really what killed us. It felt like they were able to do whatever they wanted when they ran the ball in the second half. Like I said, the first half we covered well, we bent, didn’t break. But in the second half we broke into many pieces. The worst part of this game wasn’t the effort, but the horrible playing by coach Day. Now I’m usually not one to rip into people after a loss, but after a loss like this, I have no one else to rip into besides him. The play call that can sum it up is, a toss call of 1st and 35. I’m appalled that I had to watch that game in person at the shoe, honestly, I don’t think I will ever see another OSU UM game in the shoe again. I guess all I can say now is, onto the next one, whether it’s a bowl game or the CFP. Go Bucks.