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The Lakers fall short

     The Los Angeles Lakers lost in 5 games to Denver Tuesday night. To say that this series was competitive would be an understatement in my opinion.

    The Lakers led for the most part of the series, but when it came to the 4th quarter and the role players of the Lakers, Denver took advantage of their biggest weaknesses. The Lakers were arguably the favorites going into the season and title favorites and even though they fell short this season wasn’t that all bad, but not a successful one because of the high expectations.

    The Lakers won the first ever In-Season Tournament, Lebron passed 40,000 point, and Anthony Davis played the most games he has in his career playing 76 games.

    Anthony Davis answered the question on if he can be a consistent player. He was the Lakers best player this season and at times is the reason why they were so good. The Lakers ended up 10 games over .500 which for most teams is good, but in one of the best Western Conference record wise, that got them to the 9-seed.

Do I wish the Lakers could have beat the Nuggets? Yes.

      But they didn’t and the Denver Nuggets play more as a team and know their system better than the Lakers. I believe LeBron will be back, but we all have seen crazier things. This season was not a complete success, but with the right off season they will be right back in the playoff position fighting for a title!