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The Weirdest NBA Game Of All Time?

The NBA has had a share of great games to terrible moments to weird moments that rarely ever happen. It’s not that often that players make full court shots. It’s not too often that players score over 70 points in one game. But you know what else isn’t often? Not having enough players to play. This is that story. 


It is April 14th, 2010. This was the last regular season game for both the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trail-Blazers. The Warriors were 26-55 heading into this game so they didn’t have a chance for the Playoffs. The Blazers however already had a spot in the Playoffs. The Warriors dealt with lots of injuries. They only had six available players but had to suit up eight due to an NBA rule. Within five minutes of the basketball game, their center Chris Hunter got injured and had to step out. This left them with five healthy players. It was normal for a while until Devean George picked up his sixth foul and got kicked out of the game. They brought back Chris Hunter who committed a foul to get benched again. Turiaf, who didn’t even play before, was brought in to commit a foul and go to the bench. They then brought Morrow, also didn’t play the game before this, in to do the exact same thing. The NBA had a rule that stated a player who fouled can come back in the game if everyone else that is suited up is injured and can’t play, however, you will receive a technical foul right away and every foul committed after that will be a technical. George never received a seventh foul. After all that happened, rookie Stephen Curry went off and scored eight straight points to win the game 122-116. He finished with 42 points, a career high for him at the time. The thing that makes this crazier is that the refs had to stop the game for about five minutes because they had to bring out a rulebook. This is the weirdest NBA game to happen.


The Warriors had five healthy players and still found a way to win even through all the crazy turns. This proves that you can still win when the odds are stacked against you. This is why you should never give up and try your hardest.