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This is no seven game wonder: Trouty Edition.

The current high school teenager grew up watching Mike Trout clips almost everyday. Fascinated by his tremendous bat and flashy glove; fans were mesmerized. It’s safe to say he’s still causing baseball fans jaws to drop, and this seven game streak is proof of that. 

From Sept. 4 to Sept. 12, Mike Trout has 7 home runs. Not just seven total, but one in every single game in that stretch. What’s cool about this stat, is in the mere basis of baseball to begin with. The randomness of the sport is what makes it so entertaining. Casual fans may not understand it, but every pitch delivers a different result, with a different result coming from that result, and so on. The chances that Trout has 1 pitch in every game, where everything goes right for him to hit a HR, is near improbable. 

On Sept. 10, Trout pulls a 0-0 fastball to left field, driving it hard enough for a double, but he catches a bad break when Fletcher gets called out at home. The next at bat, Trout gets a horribly called strike call to start the at bat, but Jose Urquidy makes a huge mistake. He throws another fastball in the zone, this one down a tad bat and in a little bit, but Trout is all over it once again. This one he sends into the seats of left field, making Urquidy pay for his poor pitch selection. 

Just looking at the final game of the stretch, Sept. 12, Trout hit the HR on an 0-0 count, getting fastball in the sweet zone of the 8 zone from the catcher’s perspective. In his first two at bats, Trout grounded out and popped out, both against the same pitcher Konnor Pilkington, who he homered off of. Trout was settled into a 3-2 count both times, and found himself getting poor results both times. He changed his approach in his third at bat, which he drove to deep center field seats. 

Trout undeniably has been one of the best players baseball fans have seen during this generation, but it’s more than just the base stats you find on baseball reference. It’s about the little things, the little things that separate him from the rest of the pack. What makes Mike Trout different, is his adjustments and knowledge for baseball, which allow him to play his best every outing.